Expose Yourself Online — Part II: Social Media
Discussion started by Viqui Dill , on 26 October 12:21 PM


This session is Part II of a two part webinar series. 

4 & 14 November 2:00-3:00 PM EDT 

Viqui Dill of the Washington DC Baltimore chapter of STC will present Part II. 

How much or how little you plan to communicate depends on how many volunteers you have, their communication skills and preferences, and the preferences of your members. Keep in mind that any communication is better than none, that your community members understand that we are staffed by volunteers, and that we have successful communities all across the spectrum. 

This is a basic Social Media plan, based on a Community with limited super powers. Since your community will have a different set of super powers and different kryptonite, your basic plan will be your own. Use these as a sample and then share your story with us.

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