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We're glad you've renewed your Technical Editing SIG membership, Marcia. We look forward to having you with us in 2013.
Started by Lori Meyer.
Hi Anne: The TE SIG holds quarterly meetings/webinars. You can find out more on the SIG's website: http://stc-techedit.org Select Events > About our Meetings.
Started by Rick Sapir.
Try Jing, they have a free version that I have used for some time and find it's really good. They have both a Mac and a PC version: http://www.techsmith.com/jing-features.html
Started by Katie Lantz-Phillips.
It does depend on your processes, who's involved, the broader culture, industry, and so on. Once upon a time I worked in a drug and medical device labelling group; we were part of Quality and had to do the same business improvement/lean/etc. stuff that everyone else did. Processes and procedures got written up, were subject to audit, and there was hell to pay for non-compliance.
Started by Rick Sapir.
Is it necessary to mention the "password" since it's irrelevant? How about: "This feature allows an application to communicate with RWS using a token and an application ID."
Started by Chen Dushek.
@Debbie: Well, that is progress! Please let us know if you receive anymore multiple notifications by posting a discussion or wall post to the My STC Feedback group or the Get Satisfaction via the "Feedback" tab on the side of the screen. @Rick: Thanks for the reply. I will keep looking into this issue.
Started by Rick Sapir.
I was actually looking at that one, Gillian, because when I went to look for "Writing in the Open," I discovered it is now out of print. And the reviewer on Amazon.com suggested reading "Read Me First" instead. Glad to see another recommendation for it.
Started by Rick Sapir.