Your strengths and interests lie in writing, design, media arts. In communicating information and ideas. And you want to leverage those strengths into a practical skill set that will lead to or expand a fulfilling, enduring career. The English, Technical Communication & Media Arts department at Southern Polytechnic State University (SPSU) is the right place for you! We offer three undergraduate degree programs: BA in New Media Arts, BA in English & Professional Communication, and BS in Technical Communication. We also offer numerous online graduate programs: MSc in Information Design & Communication; MSc in Information & Instructional Design; Graduate Certificate in Technical Communication; and Advanced Graduate Certificates in Visual Communication, Content Strategy, Instructional Design, Communications Management, and User Experience. Learn to create meaning, inspire change, and deliver value. Explore the possibilities at SPSU today!


The English, Technical Communication & Media Arts (ETCMA) department at Southern Polytechnic University (SPSU) focuses on user-centered communication, both verbal and visual, as well as the broader idea of media and culture in communication.

Our programs and courses give you the ability and vision to transform your future. We offer dynamic and innovative undergraduate degree programs and rigorous and challenging online graduate degree and certificate programs that help you learn to create meaning, inspire change, and deliver value.

You’ll leave any of our programs with an academic credential and a portfolio that showcases the kind of work that gives you a competitive advantage in the job market.

What will I learn?

You’ll learn key skills essential for success in the workplace over the next decade:

  • critical thinking and analysis
  • audience-centered, persuasive communication
  • new media literacy
  • transdisciplinarity
  • problem identification and resolution

What will my learning experience be like?

Your studies will be grounded in the theory and principles that will teach you to communicate persuasively to a specific audience and situation. You'll apply your learning in a variety of modalities and combine theory and practice as an essential part of your coursework.

You'll receive personal attention from faculty members who have specialized knowledge in the field. You'll work independently, but will also work collaboratively with other students, helping each other learn and grow.

Will I have the opportunity to learn outside the classroom?

Whether you are pursuing an undergraduate degree or graduate degree or certificate in the English, Technical Communication & Media Arts department at Southern Polytechnic State University, you have the option to include a hands-on internship in your studies.

What kind of career can I expect with my degree or certificate?

You will enjoy a varied and challenging career in audience-centered communication, no matter the concentration you choose, and no matter your level of study (undergraduate or graduate). Your possibilities include careers in

  • Web design,
  • technical communication,
  • medical or scientific writing,
  • marketing communication,
  • information design,
  • visual communication,
  • content strategy, and
  • instructional design.


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