Keith Boyd

Director of Business Strategy, Microsoft Corporation

Keith Boyd has worked in the world of technical communications for over 15 years as a programming-writer, manager, and Director of content development for both Windows and the Cloud and Enterprise division at Microsoft. He’s spoken at numerous industry events, been featured in Intercom Magazine, and was the Managing Editor of MSDN Magazine, the journal […]

Doug Gorman

CEO, Simply XML, LLC.

Doug Gorman is the CEO of Simply XML. He brings years of relevant information industry experience to Simply XML and its customers. Doug has worked directly and indirectly for some of the world's leading technology companies. We see XML as the enabling architecture to make content management, single source publishing, and multi-channel publishing ubiquitous. Doug […]

Alex Masycheff

CEO, Intuillion Ltd.

Alex Masycheff is a co-founder and CEO of Intuillion (, the developers of DITAToo DITA CMS. Overall, Alex has been developing solutions for authoring, organizing, structuring, publishing, and managing content for over 20 years. Prior to founding Intuillion, Alex served as XML architect, DITA trainer, and product manager, helping small and big companies implement XML-based […]

Angela Sinickas

CEO of Sinickas Communications, Inc.

Angela Sinickas, ABC, IABC Fellow, is CEO of Sinickas Communications, Inc., an international consulting firm that helps organizations plan and measure successful communication, including 25 percent of Forbes’ Global 100 largest corporations. In previous positions as a manager, consulting practice leader and vice president, she has been responsible for teams as small as three direct […]

Joe Barkai

Technology and Business Analyst, Consultant and Blogger

Joe Barkai is a global thought leader with more than 30 years of experience in helping organizations chart their product and market strategy. His background at the union of business and technology with hundreds of organizations across diverse industries, provides a unique ability to “connect the dots” and clearly articulate the always-evolving business value of technology. […]