Body of Knowledge Committee



  • Craig Baehr
  • Debbie Doyle
  • Laura Harding
  • Bernard King
  • Richard Mann
  • Cindy Pao
  • Casey Schroeder

Staff Liaison

  • Tim Shaw

Board Liaison

  • Bobbi Werner


  • Include Society content from Intercom as well as other Society publications (for example, Technical Communication Journal, Summit Proceedings, SIG content).



  • To provide STC members and all technical communicators with resources and opportunities for continuous learning and professional development.
  • To create a vehicle for social networking to foster a stronger sense of community purpose and spark participation.
  • To make available and capitalize on the wealth of intellectual property within STC publications.
  • To provide STC members with a stronger sense of professional identity and a clearer sense of the career paths that are open to them.


  • Include Society content including IntercomTechnical Communication Journal, Summit Proceedings, and SIG content.

Criteria for Success

  • The TCBOK is a forum for professional development.