Education Committee



  • David Caruso
  • Viqui Dill
  • Guiseppe Getto
  • Jessica Rineer
  • Danielle Villegas
  • Ryan Weber


  • Bethany Aguad



The Education Committee works with the STC staff to establish a strategy and yearly education program that meets or exceeds budgeted revenue and provides the technical communication community with professional development opportunities.

The STC education program includes the following products STC webinars, STC courses and workshops, and STC Roundtable. Areas of interest include:
● Instruction in foundational technical communication skills
● Content that aligns with the nine core skill areas of the CPTC certification program
● Topics that align with the Body of Knowledge (TC-BoK)
● Tools training
● Professional development/soft skills training
● Topics of interest to experienced technical communicators and to those new to the profession
● Topics of interest to managers and practitioners
● Topics that are germane to various industries and adjacent professions
● Cutting-edge topics relevant to growth areas in the field
● Topics that combine academic research and practical use

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