Usability 101: What Every Organization Needs to Know

Do you struggle to balance the needs of a variety of different types of users? Are you curious what goes on in those UX team huddles? If so, you’re not alone. Learn the best practices for conducting useful, impactful user research to help your organization improve customer engagement and retention!

Designing Powerful and Compelling Infographics

No time, money or design skills? No problem. Learn to quickly turn anything into an infographic. Get the tips, tricks and tools the pros use to make professional visuals that improve understanding, recollection and adoption. Don’t miss Mike’s STC-exclusive online workshop.

Fundamentals of Healthcare Writing

Learn storytelling structures and literary techniques while applying them to dense scientific subject matter and discovery.

Technological Adaptability: Building A Technology-Rich Portfolio

Portfolios are often used by employers to determine the skills of an applicant. This course will provide a step-by-step procedure for creating a technology-rich portfolio geared towards employers in a desired sub-field of technical communication.

Technological Adaptability: Growing Your Technical Skills

Technological adaptability is the ability to learn technology quickly or deal with technological issues efficiently and with confidence – a required skill for most technical communicators. This course will expand the participants adaptability skills by using advanced Microsoft Word and PowerPoint as well as Adobe Creative Cloud products to produce portfolio-worthy proof of technical skills.