Basics of Technical Writing in Industry

What is technical communication all about? What makes it a field in growing demand in so many organizations? In this seven-week course, you will learn the fundamentals of technical communication as a profession and the practices that help people in the field to succeed. Topics of discussion will include audience analysis, common types of communication, common software tools, technical writing style, editing, and usability. A series of short assignments and one larger course project will help learners reinforce those skills in practical ways.

Beyond the Content: Advanced Topics to Develop Your TC Career

If you are still within your first few years in TC, you have most likely focused on performing audience analysis, developing the right content in the correct writing style, mastering the many tools, and learning about your company’s products. Initially, all that may seem overwhelming, and many novice TCs stop after learning these basics. But there is a large gulf between basic TC competency and advanced professionalism. Embrace the challenge and learn more advanced topics to help your career path. Set yourself apart from those practitioners who have learned just enough to get by! So get ready to go beyond the basics!

Technical Communication Manager

This certificate program develops these skills through a combination of discovery exercises (which leverage your existing knowledge), formal presentations (which describe the “must knows”) and action planning segments, which give you a chance to consider how you’ll apply what you learned back on the job.

Usability 101: What Every Organization Needs to Know

Do you struggle to balance the needs of a variety of different types of users? Are you curious what goes on in those UX team huddles? If so, you’re not alone. Learn the best practices for conducting useful, impactful user research to help your organization improve customer engagement and retention!

Designing Powerful and Compelling Infographics

No time, money or design skills? No problem. Learn to quickly turn anything into an infographic. Get the tips, tricks and tools the pros use to make professional visuals that improve understanding, recollection and adoption. Don’t miss Mike’s STC-exclusive online workshop.

Fundamentals of Healthcare Writing

Learn storytelling structures and literary techniques while applying them to dense scientific subject matter and discovery.