Web Design and Development

Web Design and Development will provide students with an overview of the process, methods, tools, and tasks used in developing effective Web content. Each week, the course focuses on a different aspect of the Web development process, including process planning, content strategy, information architecture, design, scripting, and usability/accessibility. The course will also challenge students to apply their knowledge, using tools and resources to complete a Web site of their own.

Creating Information 4.0: How to Design What Nobody Knows Yet

A wave of new technologies that includes the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence, is not only changing the way the world works, it’s changing how we think, and that means huge changes for technical communicators. In this course, we explore how it’s developing, and prepare to take a new role that includes product design, molecular information, and highly volatile fine-grained context sensing used to control information delivery.

Content Strategy: Developing an Effective Workflow

When was the last time you were truly satisfied with an experience? The last time a product met or exceeded all your expectations, as if it were design just for you? User Experience Design is about meeting users’ expectations–learning what users want and need and designing with the user in mind.

Science for All: Introduction to Science Writing

Members: $395; Nonmembers: $795; Student Members: $195 Science for All: Introduction to Science Writing 17 August-21 September (Thursdays) | Asynchronous Science for All: Introduction to Science Writing is a six week course offered by the Society for Technical Communication (STC). This class is offered as an online, asynchronous class, and has the following learning objectives: Examine [...]

International and Cultural Content Design

Have you been asked to develop materials for a client’s new international customers? Been informed you’ll be working as part of an international project team? Wondering where to even begin? Then this course is for you. By examining the factors affecting communication in global contexts, “International Technical Communication: A Usability-Focused Primer” provides attendees with the foundational knowledge and skills technical communicators needed to work effectively in a variety of international settings and situations. Through a focus on cognition and usability, this class helps participants identify the dynamics affecting cultural communication expectations in different settings and develop strategies for addressing them effectively.