Digital Rhetoric and the Art of Web Writing

Is your digital content as effective as it could be? In this course, you will gain tips for developing content to make your web writing more successful. You will learn principles of digital rhetoric such as how best to invent, organize, arrange, and produce knowledge relevant to any given situation. Discover how to organize your content, think about storytelling, improve SEO, and consider information design. Become a more perceptive writer and editoStorr by learning the art of audience analysis and creating your own reusable heuristic for content production.

Cognition and Usability: Applying Principles from Cognitive Science to User Experience Design

Have you ever wondered why certain designs will work with some individuals, but not others? Or why certain items seem inherently “usable” while others are not? In many cases, it’s about how the brain processes and perceives information. And the better we can understand such processes, the more effectively we can design materials to meet the usability expectations of different audiences. “Cognition and Usability: Applying Principles from Cognitive Science to User Experience Design” overviews how we can use an understanding of certain cognitive concepts to better understand the usability expectations of different individuals. In so doing, the course examines how such concepts can guide research and design practices to improve the usability or a range of technical communication products.

Proposal Writing in Context

Proposal writing can be lucrative and fun work, but there are many different types of proposals and many different recommendations for writing them, so it can be difficult to know where to start. This course introduces professional writers to different types of funded proposals and explains different methods for writing proposals well. From analysis to writing to editing, this course explains some fundamental concepts that apply to most funded proposal types, so you can understand the context for how proposals operate and how writers write them.

Make Change Happen: How to Build a Business Case

This course will arm you with the knowledge and confidence you need to build a business case geared towards implementing important change within your company. You’ll learn how to gather and present important information to higher-ups about inefficiencies within the organization, opportunities for improvement, and the solutions you believe will solve them. By the end of the course, you’ll have real, practical tools to become an influencer within your company and make change happen.

Web Design and Development

Web Design and Development will provide students with an overview of the process, methods, tools, and tasks used in developing effective Web content. Each week, the course focuses on a different aspect of the Web development process, including process planning, content strategy, information architecture, design, scripting, and usability/accessibility. The course will also challenge students to apply their knowledge, using tools and resources to complete a Web site of their own.