Adding Disney Imagineering to Your Technical Communication Toolbox



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Adding Disney Imagineering to Your Technical Communication Toolbox

24 February to 24 March 2021 (Wednesdays) at 3:00 to 4:00 PM ET (GMT-5; GMT-4 after 14 March)


Since the opening of Disneyland int 1955, Disney's Imagineers have been entertaining audiences of all ages at Disney parks around world by bringing stories to life through immersive and engaging experiences.

From 1955 through today, storytelling has been at the heart of everything the Imagineers do, and the key to the Imagineers' storytelling is effective communication.

What does this have to do with technical communication? More than you might think!

This course explores a number of Imagineering Storytelling tools-practices and principles used by Walt Disney Imagineering in the design and construction of Disney parks and attractions-and how those same tools can be applied to technical communication and information development to help us effectively communicate with our audiences.

Intended Audience: Technical writers, information developers, user assistance developers, and instructional designers of all levels of experience looking to broaden their communication skills.

Participants will learn to:

• Focus on your “story” and “creative intent” (your subject matter and objective)
• Organize your content and use appropriate details to best communicate with your audience
• More effectively lead and guide your audience through your content
• Use principles of visual communication to make your content more “read”-able

Session 1: Introduction

Session 2: Foundations of Imagineering

Session 3: Wayfinding

Session 4: Visual Communication

Session 5: Making it Memorable, “Plussing” and The Art of the Show

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