Advanced Project Management and the Technical Communicator


Liz Herman


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Advanced Project Management and the Technical Communicator

27 September – 1 November 2016 (Tuesdays) | 10:30 – 11:30 AM EDT (GMT -4)

There is a strong connection between the project manager and the technical communicator. The skills that we refine over time as technical communicators have a critical place in project management: communicating content, identifying audience needs, extracting knowledge from subject matter experts, and ensuring quality deliverables.  Many technical communicators can step into a project manager role using these highly transferable, existing skills.

Advanced Project Management for the Technical Communicator builds on the foundational course (Project Management and the Technical Communicator) by diving deeper in project management concepts including stakeholder assessment, decision making, proposal management, knowledge management, and controlling the triple constraint of cost, schedule, and scope.

This certificate program enhances your understanding of advanced project management concepts and successfully prepares you for a project management role in your organizations. Formal presentations with key takeaways will be complemented by interactive discussions leveraging your existing knowledge and experiences.

Session Descriptions

Project management and technical communication syngergies and skills overlap from the foundation course (Project Management and the Technical Communicator). Advanced concepts that will be covered during the certificate course including stakeholder assessment, decision making, proposal management, knowledge of management, and controlling the triple constraint.

Be prepared to share the synergies you see between technical writing and project management, your own experiences with project management, and the key takeaway you'd like from the course.

In this session, you will learn how to determine the role your stakeholder plays in your project. Effective technical communication strategies for your stakeholders.

Be prepared to think about the stakeholders in your organization and the stakeholders in your client/customer sites. There will be a reflection assignment where you assign stakeholders specific roles. Stakeholders are those team members and organization members who have a level of influence on your project. Determining their level of influence will help you manage the type, frequency, and detail of project communication necessary for project success.

In this session, you will learn how to assess decision making capabilities of your stakeholders and your project team, and ways to participate in the decision making process.

Be prepared to think about how decision making occurs in your organization. Think about your role in decision making for your roles and responsibilities. As the project leader, it is critical to determine who ultimately approves project funding, who helps address risk management, and who might play the role of the silent leader.

In this session, you will learn how a proposal management framework can foster efficient communication, and how an understanding of proposal management can enhance your readiness as a project manager.

Be prepared to do some pre-session reading about proposal management skills. There will be a reflection assignment where you prepare for a proposal kick-off meeting. More and more technical communicators are getting the opportunity to step into project management by leading proposal efforts and assisting their organizations with responding to Requests for Proposals and Requests for Information. Learn more about these types of solicitations during this session.

In this session, you will learn knowledge management framework (people, process, tools), and the role of organizational culture and team communication.

Be prepared to assess your organization's culture and its impact on overall technical communication. Knowledge management is applying the right combination of people, processes, and technology to achieve project goals. Perfecting that combination can be tricky, but you'll leave the session understanding the right balance.

In this session, you will learn effective ways to manage your project's cost, schedule, and scope. We will finish with the course wrap-up.


Liz Herman, PhD, PMP, CPTC, is Director of Health and Consumer Solutions in Battelle’s Arlington, VA office where she focuses primarily on Health and Human Services (HHS) accounts and serves as the Centers for Medicare Medicaid Services (CMS) account manager. Her extensive experience with CMS crosses beneficiaries, consumers, providers, community health partners, and CMS staff. She has been directly involved with implementation of the Medicare Prescription Drug program, the Durable Medical Equipment Competitive Bidding program, and the Affordable Care Act. Her project management work spans business development, operations, training, content management, communications, and outreach. Dr. Herman holds a PhD in Business from Walden University, an MA in English from Iowa State University, and a BA in Journalism from the University of Iowa. Dr. Herman is a senior member of the Society for Technical Communication (STC), where she has served in various leadership roles in the Eastern Iowa and Washington DC chapters. She is currently serving as a Director at Large on STC’s Board of Directors. She is also an active member of the Project Management Institute and the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society.

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