Content Strategy: Developing an Effective Workflow


Dr. Guiseppe Getto
President and Founder, Content Garden, Inc.


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Content Strategy: Developing an Effective Workflow

1 March-5 April 2018 (Thursdays) | 1:30-3:00 PM EST (GMT-5)

Is your content underperforming? Have a lot of public-facing content you don’t know how to assess?

This six-session, online course provides you with the skills needed to successfully craft a winning content strategy for any organization. Covering all the essentials of content strategy, including content auditing, SEO, creating a plan, and measuring success, this course will help you produce effective, audience-focused content for any channel, online or offline.

You’ll Learn How to:

  • Understand and apply the core components of content strategy: substance, workflow, structure, and governance.
  • Understand and apply SEO fundamentals to ensure that your online content drives people to your website.
  • Create an effective content strategy plan for assessing, evaluating, producing, and governing your content.
  • Write measurable, achievable, simple, task-oriented (MAST) goals for your content.
  • Develop personas for your audience that help you zero in on what audience members expect from your content.
  • Assess the alignment of your goals and audiences with the channels you publish your content to.
  • Develop an effective workflow for making your content strategy plan into a reality.

Relevance to STC members: Content strategy is becoming essential for technical communicators who often have to balance a dizzying array of content needs and audience needs within their organizations. Learn the best practices for crafting useful, usable content for your target audiences.

Session Descriptions

  • Introduces content strategy, compares/contrasts it with technical communication, and describes the core components of content strategy: substance, workflow, structure, and governance.
  • Explains how to conduct an effective content audit on any type of content and how to conduct different types of audits, including design-focused, audience-focused, and SEO-focused audits.
  • Introduces search engine optimization (SEO), including how to identify marketable keywords, and how to audit content for on-page SEO.
  • Explains how to make a plan for content strategy, including identifying goals, audiences, workflow, and channels.
  • Introduces the Measurable, Achievable, Simple, Task-Oriented (MAST) framework and explains how to create goals for your content strategy that are simple, effective, and measurable.
  • Explains how to craft effective personas for your audiences, including how to identify key demographics and behaviors that will help you craft useful, usable content for specific audiences.
  • Discussion of tips for ensuring your goals, audiences, and channels are aligned effectively within your content strategy plan.
  • Explanation of how to mobilize your content strategy plan into an effective workflow.


Guiseppe Getto is an Assistant Professor of Technical and Professional Communication at East Carolina University and is President and Founder of Content Garden, Inc., a digital marketing and UX consulting firm: He consults with small businesses and non-profits from a variety of industries who want to develop better content, better SEO, better writing, better websites, better user experiences, and better reach for their target consumers. He has taught at the college level for over ten years. During that time, he has also consulted and formed research and service-learning partnerships with many non-profits and businesses, from technical writing firms to homeless shelters to startups. He is also a poet. His first book, Familiar History, is currently available from Finishing Line Press: Read more about him at:

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