Content Strategy for Internal Stakeholders: Identifying, Reaching, and Convincing Global Employees



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Content Strategy for Internal Stakeholders: Identifying, Reaching and Convincing Global Employees

Asynchronous Course

Watch the recordings of the class sessions at a time convenient for you, then complete the assignments by the time determined by the instructor.

29 March  to 12 April 2021 (Mondays)


If your content doesn't reach the right internal audiences, they're not going to be able to act on it or support it, and that can lead to even bigger problems. But reaching employees isn't as easy as you might think:

  • Only a few read internal channels
  • If they don't see the connection to their immediate tasks, they ignore it
  • Employee engagement is at all-time lows
  •  Content that's not in their native language is easy to ignore or forget
  •  Corporate channels lag behind the consumer-like digital experience they expect

To reach people internally, you've got to adapt content to their function, their location, their language, their business unit. You've got to identify the stakeholders who can help you particularize content to their needs and preferences. You've also got to avoid all the legal pitfalls worldwide that can delay your launch or make it a messy one. Can the employees you need to reach even access your company network? Have you cleared approval with works councils in all locations? Are the images you're using compliant with global data privacy laws? Are they culturally inappropriate?

Employees are not a captive audience, and earning their attention and inspiring their action takes planning and global execution.

During the three-week course we will discuss how to:

  • Define and map the stakeholders who need to see and understand your content
  • Better understand the interests of internal audiences
  • Engage partners who can help you reach those audiences
  • Overcome barriers and global limits in specific media and channels

Session 1: Intro, objectives, identifying stakeholders

Session 2: Identify and engage partners

Session 3: Developing content and workflow

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