Design Thinking: A Bootcamp for Technical Communicators Asychronous Course



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Design Thinking: A Bootcamp for Technical Communicators

Asynchronous course

1 February to 15 March 2021 (Mondays)

Design thinking is a process with a set of methods and mindsets that helps technical communicators generate original ideas that are rooted in the needs of the users. Students get hands-on training in designing and building innovative solutions for future growth. You will also learn approaches and techniques to tackle real business problems, and develop a portfolio of design work that appeals to designer thinkers.

In addition to the seven recorded sessions the instructor will have two live office hours when students may ask questions in real time.

• Demystify design thinking by exploring its underlying principles and methodology.
• Pick up different tools for empathizing with customers, defining their needs, and rapidly creating solutions.
• Practice low-barrier activities that help you integrate design thinking with your existing technical communication workflow.

Intended Audience:
• Managers looking for a proven structure to help their business innovate original solutions for difficult problems.
• Practitioners looking to learn new skills to understand user needs and develop creative yet effective solutions.
• Aspiring technical communicators looking to enhance their portfolio with cutting-edge design methods.

Session 1:  Getting to know design thinking

Session 2:  Empathizing with users

Session 3:  Framing and defining a problem

Session 4:  Ideaing radical solutions

Session 5:  Designing prototypes for your solution

Session 6:  Testing your design with users

Session 7:  Iterating and implementing your solution

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