Development is a Team Sport…How to Make the Team as a Tech Writer



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Development is a Team Sport…How to Make the Team as a Tech Writer

Asynchronous course

Watch the recordings of the class sessions at a time convenient for you, and complete the assignment by the time determined by the instructor.

22 March  to 12 April 2021 (Mondays)

Technical writers and editors are often an afterthought in the software development world and sometimes are even the “ugly stepchild” on the development team. We are the “necessary evil” that Project Owners and Development Managers never want assign in their budget. In this 4-week course, you will not only learn the benefits of working with the development teams, but also how to make them come to love you along the way! I will show you how to become a part of the team, even when you aren’t really a part of the team. I will teach you both soft skills and hard skills that will win the developers over and help them realize that it is only with your help that your customers will win in the end.

This is an asynchronous course. Weekly sessions will be prerecorded. There will also be two live sessions when students may ask the instructor questions in real time.

In the course, you will learn:
• The benefits of working together with a development team (and how to do that even when you aren’t actually part of one)
• How to move from problem solving to problem preventing
• Basics of clean user interface messaging, labels, and workflow
• The basic roles of an editor, including editing checklists and best practices for commenting
• How to survive and thrive on a remote and/or global team
• How to maintain functional communication with team members

Intended audience: Technical writing professionals, students, or interns that work or want to work in the software development field. This course is just as applicable for writers/editors just entering the field as it is for those who have been in the field for many years.

Session 1: How to be a part of Development Team… when you aren't part of the team

Session 2: Moving from problem solving to problem preventing

Session 3:  When content is provided… and you are “just” the editor

Session 4:  Thriving in global and remote teams…a survival guide

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