Documentation Project Management Asynchronous


Dr. Guiseppe Getto
President and Founder, Content Garden, Inc.

Documentation Project Management: From Basic Research to Interviewing SMEs to Final Publication

4 September – 9 October | Asynchronous (Self-Paced)

Documentation comes in many shapes and sizes, as do the projects to create it. Are you building a one-of publication? A structured-content repository? A website? Regardless of what type of documentation you’re creating, you need a plan that helps you:

  1. Create a project planning space to make sure you meet your requirements and audience needs
  2. Discover what type of documentation you’re creating and who it’s audience is
  3. Develop a content model for your documentation that will allow you to build it correctly
  4. Implement your content model through a combination of tools, workflows, and publishing options
  5. Keep your documentation current through effective content governance

This course will introduce you to how to plan effectively for any documentation project, regardless of scope, timeline, or requirements.

This in-depth, interactive class will be taught using a series of modules that will help you create an actual project plan. You’ll receive templates, articles, and assignments that will allow you to tailor your project plan to actual documentation you’re currently working on, or simply to learn effective best practices for your next project.

Session Descriptions

Week 1: Intro and Objectives: Creating a Documentation Project Plan
Week 2: Discovering What Kind of Project You’re Working On and Who It’s For
Week 3: Finding SMEs to Help You Build Knowledge
Week 4: Developing a Content Model for Your Documentation
Week 5: Implementing Your Content Model Through Tools, Workflows, and Publishing
Week 6: Keeping Your Documentation Alive: Content Governance for the Long Haul


Guiseppe Getto is an Associate Professor of Technical and Professional Communication at East Carolina University and is President and Founder of Content Garden, Inc., a digital marketing and UX consulting firm: He consults with small businesses and non-profits from a variety of industries who want to develop better content, better SEO, better writing, better websites, better user experiences, and better reach for their target consumers. He has taught at the college level for over fifteen years. During that time, he has also consulted and formed research and service-learning partnerships with many non-profits and businesses, from technical writing firms to homeless shelters to startups. He is also a poet. His first book, Familiar History, is currently available from Finishing Line Press: Read more about him at:

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