Introduction to Health Writing and Communications



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Introduction to Health Writing and Communications

              Asynchronous Course

9 August to 20 September 2021

                 REGISTRATION CLOSES ON 4 August 2021

THIS IS AN ASYNCHRONOUS COURSE. The recording for each week's session will be opened on Monday morning. Students may view the recording at a time convenient for them. Homework assignments will be due on the day and time specified by the instructor. There will be additonal live sessions for students to ask the instructor questions in real time. The last session will be presented on 20 September.


Health writing and communications is designed to give students an introduction to health writing, provide the essential tools for effective communication, and introduce the myriad opportunities within the health communications industry.


  • Gain an understanding of the many facets of writing and communications in the health science and healthcare industry.
  • Understand the breadth and depth of health and healthcare writing and communications, and the different audiences and objectives this communication serves.
  • Leverage the tools needed for effective communications across multiple audiences and stakeholders.

Intended Audience:

Professionals or graduate students who are interested in enhancing or expanding their perception and understanding of health writing and communications.

For professionals or graduate students in the healthcare industry, this course will equip them with the tools to create more engaging and effective communication across audiences and stakeholders.

For professionals and graduate students in other industries, this course will give them an overview of the vast array of opportunities in health writing and communication, and will teach them the writing tools and techniques that are applicable across industries.


Effective writing and written communications skills. College level and above writing proficiency.

Session 1: Introduction to health writing and communications

Session 2: Finding the right resources

Session 3: Identifying your audience

Session 4: Topics in health communications: Nutrition

Session 5: Topics in health communications: Public Health

Session 6: Topics in health communications: Mental Health

Session 7: Topics in health communications: Medicine

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