Introduction to Content Strategy


Hilary Marsh
Founder and Chief Strategist


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Introduction to Content Strategy

20 October to 1 December  2020 (Tuesdays)| 3:00 to 4:30 PM Eastern Time (GMT-4; GMT-5 after 1 November)

No class on 24  November

Is your organization’s content timely, accurate, relevant, and consistent?

This six-session course enables you to understand what a content strategy is, how it can help your organization, the work involved in creating and executing a content strategy, and how to sustain it over time.

Covering all the essentials of content strategy, this course will help your organization plan, create, manage, publish, and promote content in a way that increases its effectiveness.

After finishing the course successfully, you’ll receive an online certificate of completion.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Understand and apply the core components of content strategy: substance, workflow, structure, and governance.
  • Understand how content achieves organizational goals and meets audience needs.
  • Assess the content your organization creates today, understand its audiences and goals, learn whether the content is achieving its goals, and use this information to make data-driven decisions about similar content going forward
  • Create a plan and workflow for creating, reviewing, publishing, managing, governing, and promoting your organization’s content.
  • Develop measurable, achievable, simple, task-oriented (MAST) goals for your content.
  • Align content with the organization’s various publishing channels, based on the content’s goals and audiences.
  • Develop an effective workflow for making your content strategy plan into a reality.

Content strategy is becoming essential for technical communicators, who often have to balance a dizzying array of content needs and audience needs within their organizations. Learn the best practices for crafting useful, usable, effective content for your organization’s top-priority audiences.

Weekly session titles, descriptions, activities

NOTE: For many activities in this course, we’ll be using “your organization” as a lens through which to do the thinking. Content strategy is an applied art, so it’s much clearer if you think about the concepts using an actual organization. You may interpret this as you wish – it could be your current organization, or a previous employer, or even a made-up company. 

Session 1: Introducing Content Strategy

  • What content strategy is
  • Core components of content strategy (substance, workflow, structure, and governance
  • Challenges and opportunities content strategy presents for organization

Session 2: Understanding organizations, audiences, and success metrics

  • How to learn about the organization’s goals and challenges
  • How to create empathy-based personas and customer engagement journeys
  • How to create simple, effective, and measurable goals

Session 3: Auditing content

  • Content inventories and audits/assessments
  • Goals and types of content audits
  • What a content audit can reveal

Session 4: Content types, models, and templates

  • Defining content types
  • Defining content models
  • Mapping content types and models to CMS templates
  • Who needs to be part of these conversations

Session 5: Content governance and promotion

  • Digital team models
  • Roles, processes, workflows
  • Content lifecycles
  • Content planning and marketing

Session 6: Buy-in, change management, making content strategy stick

  • Getting buy-in for content strategy from senior management
  • How to make the necessary changes to carry out a content strategy
  • Operationalizing and socializing the strategy, aka, making it part of everyone’s work



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