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Intro to Usability Testing

Asynchronous course

NEW DATES: 11 January to 15 February 2021 (Mondays)

In a world with so many options for products, potential users, customers, and clients are looking for a positive experience interacting with our websites, apps, and products.

This six session Intro to Usability Testing asynchronous course can help you understand the value of testing early and often within your organization across a variety of products, using a variety of research methods. Beginning with understanding what usability testing looks like in the current workplace, we’ll move into the value of gathering user input and developing personas, creating our own usability test plans, understanding different research methods and how/when to deploy them, and analyzing results of our testing to create actionable, effective deliverables.

In addition to the six recorded sessions the instructor will have two live sessions of office hours when students may ask questions in real time.

• Learn what usability/usability testing are and how it’s implemented in the current workplace
• Learn how usability and technical communication intersect
• Learn about usability best practices, including: various research methods, recruitment of participants, conducting a test, analyzing findings
• Be able to conduct usability tests with real users both in persona and remotely
• Understand how to create effective deliverables based on data for a variety of use cases

Session 1: What is usability?

Session 2: The value of user input and feedback, and developing user profiles and personas

Session 3:  Developing a research tookit

Session 4: Developing a usability test plan, and preparing to conduct a usability test

Session 5: Analyzing findings, and developing takeaways

Session 6: Crafting deliverables based off of usability findings

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