Understanding the Language of Science Asynchronous Course



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Understanding the Language of Science

Asynchronous course

1 February to 22 March 2021 (Mondays)

This course will analyze those features of language that are commonly used in scientific discourse, and in analytical thinking in general.

In addition to the seven recorded sessions the instructor will have live office hours when students may ask questions in real time.

Objectives: To provide students with a wider range of words and phrases that are used for various terms and concepts of science; in whatever contexts they use them.

Intended Audience: All those who use the tools of science in their work. That work can include: science writers and editors; instructors of technical communication; and teacher of science at any level-public school through college.

Session 1:  Defining

Session 2:  Quantifying

Session 3:  Cause and Effect

Session 4:  Hypotheses

Session 5:  Comparison

Session 6:  Classifying

Session 7:  Experiments

Session 8:  Figurative language

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