Leading Through Vulnerability


Jeff Scattini
Technical Documentation Manager


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Leading Through Vulnerability

Thursdays, 13 October through 17 November 2022; 4:00 – 5:00 PM Eastern Time

Registration closes on Monday 10 October 2022

Your documentation team is your support network, co-conspirator, and ultimate enabler for you to create amazing content. A good team is worth its weight in gold while a bad team can destroy productivity and your documentation reputation. Through communication, vulnerability, and honesty, you can build the type of team that is endlessly supportive and constantly productive.

By considering the construct of your documentation team: The end goal of your documentation, who are your audiences, who desperately needs your information, and how you encourage your team members to become their best writing selves, you can reduce turn over, enable your team members to explore and enhance their careers, and drive the overall effects of your documentation team to new heights.

It's a lot of work, but you, and your team, are worth it!



You will learn how to understand and implement the key objectives of vulnerable leadership:

  • What is vulnerable leadership?
  • What do your reports owe you?
  • What do you owe your reports?
  • Leading from the middle
  • Building trust
  • Expanding teams
  • Caring about everyone’s career
  • Advocate for your teams’ ideas
  • Leading distributed teams
  • Making culture shifts happen
  • DEAI
  • Evolution not stagnation

Attendee Takeaways

  • Understand the underlying principles of vulnerable leadership
  • Have a pathway to forge your team into a supportive and collaborative environment
  • Know the limits and risks of re-envisioning your team
  • Be able to create an objective driven plan for change


For current CPTC certificants: This course provides 6 CEUs for recertification, in the Project Planning competency area

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