Introduction to the Field of TechComm: What Every New Professional Should Know


Dr. Guiseppe Getto
President and Founder, Content Garden, Inc.


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Introduction to the Field of Tech Comm: What Every New Professional Should Know

4 August through 18 August 2020 (Tuesdays) | 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM ET (GMT -4)

Have you just landed your first job as a technical communicator? Or have you just discovered that there are technical communicator jobs? This online course will orient you to the entire field that the STC represents. You’ll receive an overview of core skill sets, best practices, and more. If you’re a writing- or communication-focused professional who likes to help people, you’re in the right place. There’s a place for you in tech comm!

Learning Objectives

At the end of this online course, you will:

  • Be able to identify the core skill sets of modern day technical communicators, including writing, editing, usability, and cross-functional teamwork
  • Learn where to find additional resources for learning each of these skill sets
  • Come away with books, articles, and other resources to study

Intended Audience

Anyone new to the field or interested in getting started in technical communication.

Session Descriptions

Participants will learn how core skills like writing, editing, usability, and cross-functional teamwork are applied in the field by working technical communicators. Participants will then be asked to do a brief case study of how technical communication can improve a situation of their choosing.

Participants will learn the landscape of learning available for technical communicators, including meetups, professional societies, courses, and conferences. Participants will be asked to locate three working technical communicators via LinkedIn that represent the career they’d like to have and will design informational interview questions to ask them.

Participants will be introduced to the vast array of technologies that support the work of technical communication, including content management systems (CMSs), authoring tools, markup languages, and more. Participants will then be required to do a deep dive into one of these technologies, learning as much as they can about it, including how to master that technology for use in the workforce. This will culminate in a Future Resume final project in which students create a mini-portfolio for a future version of themselves that includes the skill sets, writing samples, and connections they’ll need to launch a successful career in tech comm.

Guiseppe Getto is an Associate Professor of Technical and Professional Communication at East Carolina University and is President and Founder of Content Garden, Inc., a digital marketing and UX consulting firm:

He consults with small businesses and non-profits from a variety of industries who want to develop better content, better SEO, better writing, better websites, better user experiences, and better reach for their target consumers. He has taught at the college level for over fifteen years. During that time, he has also consulted and formed research and service-learning partnerships with many non-profits and businesses, from technical writing firms to homeless shelters to startups.

He is also a poet. His first book, Familiar History, is currently available from Finishing Line Press: Read more about him at:

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