The Power of Storytelling in Business and Life



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The Power of Storytelling in Business and Life

Half-Day Workshop

Sunday 6 June, 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM Eastern Time (GMT-4)

Registration closes 21 May 2021

Storytelling is known as the Silver Bullet of communication. Storytelling can apply to most any situation, takes relatively little preparation, and is used by the masters of the stage and the pen in just about every forum imaginable. You’ll find ways to immediately put this weapon in your toolbox and WOW your audiences and readers, and have them ready to listen to your pitch, platform, paper, or presentation.

Whether you’re a hesitant speaker or a communicator who wants to be GREAT, this session will teach you a valuable and easy-to-learn technique to captivate your audience. In addition to learning about the Silver Bullet of Storytelling, you will practice and apply it to your message, whether it’s a technical presentation at work, a networking event, a sales/persuasion situation, or your online content marketing plan.

Come learn the one communication skill you can’t live without!

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