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Leah Guren


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TechComm 201

31 August – 5 October 2016 | 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM EDT (GMT -4)

This is a more advanced course that moves beyond the basic theory in TechComm 101. The focus is on soft skills, such as estimating and managing technical communication projects and working with SMEs; and technical skills, such as advanced editing, professional tool concepts, and Help Authoring concepts.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop a method for estimating and planning TC projects
  • Learn and implement proper tool usage concepts (tool agnostic)
  • Create consensus and improve editing through style guides and advanced editing techniques
  • Learn how to write (and prepare) for localization
  • Understand Help Authoring from a user perspective (tool agnostic)
  • Sessions and Work Requirements
  • Six Weekly 90-minute online lectures
  • Weekly Homework Assignments
  • Final Exam

Session Breakdown

The need for managing our own projects; creating work plans and timelines; working with SMEs; dealing with project details.

Casual users vs. professional users; styles and templates; avoiding local formatting; correct style dependencies; basic automation; graphic insertion.

Types of style guides; building from scratch; gaining consensus; connecting to P&P content.

How L10N, I18N, EFL, and EU directives relate to your work; reducing localization costs; guidelines for writing; guidelines for graphics; working with localizers.

Intro to Help concepts; best practices (HAT agnostic); planning Help projects; balancing feature-based and task-based content.

Outlining; review cycles; mechanics (change tracking, etc.); big picture; fine-tuning; working with the style guide.


Leah Guren entered the field of technical communication in 1980. Her experience as a writer, editor, tech pubs manager, and consultant allowed her to develop a variety of technical communication training programs. Leah trains new writers for this field, as well as conducting seminars and in-house training for TCs of all levels, engineers, and managers. Her clients include many of the top high-tech companies in Israel.

Leah is best known for her ability to bring dry theory to life, illustrating rules with real-life examples and providing a clear, practical guidelines which can be applied by writers of all levels and experience. A senior STC member, Leah is a regular speaker at STC and other international technical communication conferences. For more information, see Cow TC ( or contact Leah (


“The TechComm 101 session was highly successful. Leah is a very organized and clear speaker, and the material was appropriate, useful, and very well delivered. I came away from the course very pleased with the investment. The approach to technical communication was very much what I needed to hear as someone with relevant skills moving into the field from unrelated lines of work.”

“Leah is # 1. She is a guru!”

“What can I say except that this workshop met and exceeded my wildest expectations, both from a professional and managerial aspect. You managed to bridge the wide range of interests and needs, providing informative, useful (and sometimes humorous) knowledge to everyone.”

“This is the first seminar that I have learned so much and everything is very applicable and useful.”

“You are my Yoda!”

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