Technical Illustrating in Adobe Illustrator


Adam Bradley
Department of Defense; Senior Technical Writer/Graphic Artist


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Technical Illustrating in Adobe Illustrator

18 February to 1 April 2022 (Fridays) at 9:00 to 10:00 AM ET (GMT-5, GMT-4 after 13 March)



Technical illustrations visually depict complex concepts to convey the intended information to the end-users in a comprehensible and engaging manner. Learn how to create visually sophisticated technical illustrations in Adobe Illustrator. Throughout the course, we will learn how to use Adobe Illustrator’s foundational tools and settings. By the end of the course, you can expect to create isometric projections and orthographic views to develop technical illustrations in Adobe Illustrator. Please be sure to refer to the list of Required Materials below.

NOTE: There will be no class on 11 March.

Session Takeaways:

  1. Learn Adobe Illustrator’s foundational tools and settings.
  2. Learn technical illustration fundamentals, such as technical line weights and line types.
  3. Learn to create technical illustrations in Adobe Illustrator with isometric projections and orthographic views.
  4. Receive Adobe Illustrator action set files that can be used to create isometric projections from orthographic views and vice versa.

Expectations and Goals:

The session learning activities include learning Adobe Illustrator’s foundation tools and settings: document settings, views, guides, color settings, navigation, save and export options, selection tools, drawing tools, editing nodes, layers, artboards, stroke, appearance, gradients, patterns, symbols, graphic styles, type, objects, pathfinder, and shape builder. We will also discuss tools in Adobe Illustrator that can be used for creating technical illustrations for isometric drawings, such as adjusting the smart guides, using the provided isometric action files, move tool, rotate tool, blend tool, 3D tools, and adding symbols. Additional drawing tools will be discussed, such as the perspective tool. Lastly, technical illustration line weights and line types will be covered, which will be used with the already taught Adobe Illustrator tools and settings to create an isometric technical illustration in color.


  • Computer
  • Internet connection
  • Adobe Illustrator – this course will be using the latest version of Adobe Illustrator through the Adobe Creative Cloud

Session Topics:

Session 1: Intrroduction to Adobe Illustrator

Session 2: Type Drawing, and Editing Tools

Session 3: Color and Line Weights

Session 4: Isometric and Othographic Projections

Session 5: 3D Drawings

Session 6: Technical Illustrating

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