So You Want to Be a Technical Writer


Dr. Guiseppe Getto
Associate Professor of Technical Communication, Mercer University


Online Courses

So You Want to Be a Technical Writer

21 September to 26 October 2023 (Thursdays) at 4:00 to 5:30 PM ET (GMT-4)



This is a class for anyone interested in landing their first job as a technical writer. Whether you are a career changer, a student, or someone working in a closely related field looking to learn more, this course will introduce you to the field of technical communication and one of the core jobs within it: technical writer. The course will also introduce you to the best practices, tools, and job hunting skills you’ll need to be successful as a first-time technical writer. And you’ll be introduced to lots of examples, stories, and case studies culled from the instructors combined 25+ years of experience in the field.


• Introduction to the field: what is technical communication and what kinds of careers does it entail?
• Technical writing examples: what kinds of documentation do technical writers create?
• Tools practicum: what kinds of tools do technical writers use on the job?
• Technical writing best practices: what best practices do technical writers use to ensure they produce good documentation?
• Finding your first job: how do you get established in your first full-time technical writing job?

Session 1: Intro to Tech Comm

Session 2: Technical Writing Examples

Session 3: Tools Practicum (Part 1)

Session 4: Tools Practicum (Part 2)

Session 5: Technical Writing Best Practices

Session 6: Finding Your First Job

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