UX Writing: Website Best Practices and Testing Your Text


Melissa Eggleston
Founder; Birdcall


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UX Writing: Website Best Practices and Testing Your Text

Asynchronous course

8 to 29 March 2021 (Mondays)

Want to feel confident that your writing is following UX best practices for websites? Need to make sure that your public-facing text connects well with target audiences?
In this 4-week asynchronous course, you will learn about UX writing for websites for non-technical audiences. You’ll have practical assignments to learn important concepts and skills that a UX writer needs to know. You’ll even learn ways to test your text to increase the probability of success.

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● Describe fundamentals of great online communication
● Determine and document website communication goals
● Assemble a content plan for your website
● Write for how people read online
● Adapt text to me more inclusive and accessible
● Follow best practices for the design and organization of online text
● Know best practices for mobile devices
● Identify ways to test text on websites
● Practice testing text yourself
● Become confident in your online writing skills for websites
● Feel energized to add new skills and knowledge to improve your career

Intended audience: Technical communicators and students looking to expand their online UX writing skills for websites for non-technical audiences.

This is a beginner to intermediate class. No prior experience writing for websites is necessary. You will need to select a website to review and work with during these 4 weeks. This can be your work website, a personal website, or a website you don’t have any ownership in (but that you enjoy!) We remember best by doing, so expect practical, hands-on assignments.

Session 1: Foundations of Great Online Communication

Session 2: Writing for Websites

Session 3:  Designing and Organizing Your Writing

Session 4:  Testing Your Content

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