Writing Practice for Beginner Technical Writers



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Writing Practice for Beginner Technical Writers

Tuesdays, 11 January to 22 February 2022 at 3:00 to 4:30 PM Eastern Time (GMT-5)

Top 5 Hidden Skills Hiring Managers Want. They’re not what you think:
1. Listening/understanding the project
2. Use of Acronyms and run-on sentences
3. Passive vs Active Voice
4. Style Guides
5. Approaching Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

Today most job requisitions list two to five years experience. Plus, the following from actual job descriptions on LinkedIn:

  • Ability to write in a concise way that technical and non-technical individuals can easily understand.
  • Consult with Subject Matter Experts to understand how users can benefit from features.
  • Strong listening and interpretive skills to successfully translate events into clearly written documents.

What they don’t tell you is that they’ll want to see some writing samples as part of the interviewing process. These include a combination of technical or creative writing to prove you can write. Plus, a set of instructions to rewrite a paragraph or two in a clear, concise way. In the interview they’ll test your listening skills and how you handle getting the Subject Matter Expert’s (SME’s) attention.

The problem with supplying technical writing samples is a catch-22. Managers want to see what you’ve done. However, they won’t allow you to use their content for interviews or samples. If this seems overwhelming, don’t worry. This writing practice gives you the edge you need and the writing samples to highlight your skills. These five skills are the ones I spend most of my contracts updating.

You’ll have a homework assignment every week to practice what you’ve learned. Both the in-class writing, and homework assignments build on one another and produce your final copy of documents. Nobody’s homework will read the same either!


  • Writing Practice – This class is 100% hands-on High-Touch Low-Tech. Done with pen and paper.
  • Have two non-proprietary writing samples for job interviews: Technical and Creative

Intended Audience

Beginners and anyone interested with five or less years of experience who want to practice their writing skills.

Week 1: Introduction to Writing Practice

Week 2:  Listening and understanding the project

Week 3:  Use of Acronyms and run-on sentences

Week 4:  Passive vs. Active Voice

Week 5:  Style Guides

Week 6:  Approaching SMEs

Week 7:  Polishing Up Samples

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