The Distinguished Service for Students Awards acknowledge the work of student members who provide exemplary service to the Society through their dedication to the chapter and its activities.

See below for an historical list of winners.

2018 Honorees (DSAS)

Emily Wells
For your boundless enthusiasm and energy as student manager of the mentoring program between the OCF Chapter and UCF, and for your leadership role in strengthening the dynamic partnership between our STC community and the University of Central Florida.


Historical List of Winners

2017 Crystal Brezina Florida
2016 No award presented
2015 Lisa Bottomley Orlando Central Florida
2014 Dylan Alexander Platz East Tennessee
2014 Alesa Webber Mercer University
2014 Candace Du Lac Orlando Central Florida
2012 Bethany Bowles Orlando-Central Florida
2011 Sarah Baca Orlando-Central Florida
2011 Patricia Cruz Orlando-Central Florida
2011 Noor Hussain Toronto
2009 Adam Evans Cederville University
2009 Daniel Beck Orlando
2008 Adam Evans Cederville University
2008 John Martin North Carolina State University
2008 Peggy Bivins Orlando
2008 Daniel Beck Orlando
2007 Brynn Paine Cedarville University
2007 Ginnifer Mastarone Chicago
2007 Kyle Steele Mercer University
2007 Stacey Fosburgh-Shores Missouri Western State University
2007 Rachel C. Eichen Orlando
2007 Nicole M. Madison Texas Tech University
2007 Jennifer Bracken Trinitite
2006 Andrea Zachary Oklahoma State University Student
2006 Alex Garcia Orlando
2006 Linda Rothman Texas Tech University Student
2006 Laurel Verhagen UW-Stout Student
2006 Katie Thiel UW-Stout Student
2005 Jeff A. Stevenson Cedarville University Student
2005 Candie D. McKee Oklahoma State University Student
2005 Jennifer D. Selix Orlando
2005 Sarah-Beth K. Doner Southwestern Ontario