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API Documentation: Learn by Example, presented by Lois Patterson
(Mis)Communicating with Electronic Media, presented by Carolyn Boiarsky
A Complete Solution for a Challenging Process-Simplifying Translation with the MadPak Suite, presented by Jose Sermeno
A Painless Introduction to Information Typing, presented by David Gash
A Tour of Swagger for APIs, presented by Allen Dean
A Whole-Systems Approach to Documentation Management, presented by Homer Christensen
Accessibility and Translatability: Making Your Content Universal, presented  by Jessie Mallory
Adapting DITA to Manage and Publish Industry Standards, presented by Ant Davey
APIs and SDKs: Breaking into and Succeeding in a Specialty Market, presented by Edward Marshall
Audience-Focused Delivery, presented by Bernard Aschwanden
Become a Content Hero: Promote Your Organization Using Assets You Already Have, presented by Matt Sullivan
Becoming a New Manager, presented by Todd DeLuca
BPMN Basics: What You Need to Know for Your Content Strategy, presented by Jackie Damrau
Changing Role of the Tech Comm Professional and the New FrameMaker 2015 Release, presented by Kapil Verma
Clever Copy for Happy Users, presented by Lauren Colton
Content as Data: Developing Structured, Query-Based Wiki Content, presented by Barry Grenon and Jose Druker
Content Marketing Techniques for Technical Communicators, presented by Charles Cooper
Contract or Captive: Which is Right for You?, presented by Brenda Heuttner
Creating Tangible Experiences, presented by Marli Mesibov
Delighting Mobile Customers with Content for Apps, Videos, and a Social Media Campaign, presented by Marta Rauch and Emily Hamer
Delivering Career-Boosting Technical Presentations, presented by Gavin Austin
Delivering Information Anytime, Anywhere – Multi-Channel Publishing Using MadCap Flare, presented by Jose Sermeno
Demo Maniac Secrets: Sneaky Tricks for Successful Presentations, presented by Maxwell Hoffmann
Developing and Delivering Sample Projects as User Assistance, presented by Nicky Bleiel
Do You Trust Me Now?: Content in the Age of Social Media, presented by Rahel Anne Bailie
DocOps: Creating Content in the Application Economy, presented by Adriane Hunt
Elements of a Successful Content Strategy, presented by Denise Kadilak
EPUB: One Format for All Deliverables, presented by Scott Prentice
Evolution of the Knowledge Broker: Trading your Content for Revenue, presented by Bernard Aschwanden and Christopher Ward
Feasible Fees, presented by Rich Maggiani
Flipping Reports: Data for a Public Audience, presented by Leah Hackleman-Good
Get Out of Your Office: Conducting Successful Client Visits, presented by Rhyne Armstrong
Get Ready! Here Comes Augmented Reality!, presented by Sally Matir
Great Free and Open Source Tools, presented by Jose Sermeno
How to Get What You Want, When You Need It, presented by Christopher Ward
How to Make Sense of Any Mess, presented by Abby Covert
Hypergraphics for Visual-First Help: SVG, CSS, JavaScript, presented by David Gardiner
Information Design for Technical Communicators, presented by Linda Oestreich
Introduction to Web Services for Technical Communicators, presented by Edward Marshall
Is it Time to Adopt Machine Translation?, presented by Alan Houser
Iterative Development Models and Process Improvement, presented by Tina Kister
Leveraging Personalized Content in Online Publishing and the New RoboHelp 2015 Release, presented by Maxwell Hoffmann
Library Science & Content Strategy: The Baby and the Bathwater, presented by Elizabeth Fraley
Minimalizing Mobile Interactions, presented by John Carroll
Moving into Instructional Design – Basics for Technical Writers, presented by Stephen Van Esch
Online Education: Where Benefits Outweigh the Challenges, presented by Linda Oestreich
Performing a Global Audit, presented by Leah Guren
Practical HTML5/CSS3 for Writers, presented by David Gash
Preparing Legacy Help Projects for Responsive Design-Technical Issues, presented by Neil Perlin
Providing One-of-a-Kind Content Personalization, presented by Matt Sullivan
Publishing Strategies for API and Developer Documentation, presented by Tom Johnson
Remedial Documentation and the Contract Technical Writer, presented by Bruce Poropat
Re-Thinking Content Strategy in an Age of Globalization, presented by Kirk St.Amant
Saying Thank You. Saying I'm Sorry. When TechComm Goes All Wrong, presented by Viqui Dill
Simplified User Interface Graphics for User Tutorials, presented by Josh Holnagel
Six Steps to Writing Effective Procedures, presented by David Singer
Smooth Transitions: Moving from Unstructured FrameMaker to XML, presented by Thomas Aldous
Social Media and Its Implications for Content Strategy, presented by Pamela Noreault
Stop Repeating yourself! Use Video to Capture Knowledge, presented by Matthew Pierce
Survival Strategies: Building Your First Website for API Documentation, presented by Mary Linderman and Andrei Essaoulov
TechComm Throwdown, presented by Bernard Aschwanden
Technical Editing: Today's Competencies for Tomorrow's Editors, presented by Laura Palmer and Susan Lang
The Future of Technical Communication Programs: Data Points from the Field, presented by Lisa Meloncon
The Risks and Dangers of Early Technology Adoption, presented by Matthew Pierce
The Secure Communicator: Protect Yourself and Your Client, presented by Ben Woelk
Tumble Dry Low: A TechComm Guide to the World of Clothing Tags, presented by Roger Renteria
Under the Influences: Context as Strategy, presented by Keith Anderson
What You Should Know about Intellectual Property, presented by Rachel Houghton
When Pigs Fly: Structured Authoring-Word and XML, presented by Doug Gorman
Winning the Project with an Effective Proposal, presented by Alisa Bonsignore
Writing for Hardware: You Can't Always Touch It, presented by Richard Lippincott
You are Ignorant, Not Stupid! 20 Timeless Tips, presented by Elissa Hannam

44 Tips for Making Better Videos! Presented by Matthew Pierce
A Practitioner's Guide to Teaching Tech Comm, presented by Michael Opsteegh
Advancing DITA Authoring and Publishing using FrameMaker, presented by Stefan Gentz
An Extreme User-Centric Approach to Kiosk Writing, presented by Yu-Kwong Chiu
An Introvert's Journey to Leadership, presented by Ben Woelk
Automate Release Notes for Quick and Accurate Results, presented by Barry Grenon & Tanya Ivanova
Bar Napkins and XML: Eliminate the Hidden Costs of Content Conversion, presented by Dustin Vaughn
Blurring the Lines Between ECM and CCMS, presented by Vivek Kumar
Building Quality Experiences for Users in any Language, presented by John Collins
Closing the Deal: Getting that Freelance Project, presented by Alisa Bonsignore
Collaborating and Contributing in GitHub, presented by Nicky Bleiel
Communicate More Effectively in Your Global Virtual Teams, presented by Pam Brewer
Customer Experience (CX)- Come Join the Party, presented by Pam Noreault
DevOps Docs: Fast, Great Content for the Cloud, presented by Vanessa Wilburn
Do More with Less and Increase Your Return on Content (ROC), presented by Abhishek Jain
Doc is Dead! How Walkthroughs Changed Salesforce's Content Strategy, presented by Gavin Austin
Editing Tons of Text? RegEx to the Rescue! Presented by Eric Cressey
Effectively Using PDF as Source, presented by Liz Roscovius & Mike Sawyer
Frenemies: Tech Comm and Tech Support Working Together, presented by Rick Lippincott
From Fred Flinstone to George Jetson: Creating Tension in Training Increases Adoption, presented by Viqui Dill
Generating API Documentation Automatically from the Source Code, presented by Ed Marshall
Getting to the Core of Web Content Development, presented by Roger Renteria
Help Begins with the GUI: TC Meets R&D, presented by Leah Guren
How Do I Pick the Right Tool for Me? Presented by Elizabeth Fraley
How to Become a Strategic Communicator and Advance Your Career, presented by David Caruso
How to Write Contracts and Statements of Work, presented by Jack Molisani
Improve Voiceovers with the Sound of Help, presented by Bryna Gleich
Influence the User Experience Beyond Creating Content, presented by Michelle Gardner
Internationalized Texts: Writing for Translation and Globalization, presented by David Rumsey
Let the Force of APIs Be With You: Building the Developer Experience Right, presented by Nabayan Roy
Metrics that Matter: Making the Business Case that Documentation has Value, presented by Christopher Ward
On the Primrose Path to Successful Leadership, presented by Linda Oestreich
Power to the People: Targeted Content through Dynamic Filters, presented by Dustin Vaughn
Preparing Legacy Help Projects for Responsive Design, presented by Neil Perlin
Programming Language Storytime, presented by Sarah Kiniry
Responsive Content in MadCap Flare: Create in Minutes, Not Hours, presented by Jennifer Morse
Responsive Content: Beyond the Basics, Using CSS, presented by Mike Hamilton
REST API Documentation Best Practices, presented by Marta Rauch
Rise of the Planet of the Apps, presented by Abhishek Jain
Seek and You Will Find: Taxonomy & Delivery, presented by Joe Gelb
Self-Publishing for Print and eBook Distribution, presented by Richard Hamilton
Single-Sourcing and Localization: Maximizing Content across Languages, presented by Laura Dent
Technical Communication in Health Information and Education, presented by Lisa Meoncon
Technical Communication Revolutionized, presented by Rhonda Truitt
That Due Diligence You Do: Selecting a Content Management System, presented by Toni Mantych
The Attention-Comprehension Gap: An Integrated Approach to Usability Testing, presented by Kirk St.Amant
The Future is Now–How Technical Documentation is Changing to Technical Communication, presented by Stefan Gentz
The Internet of (Other Language) Things: Supporting the Inevitable, presented by Greg Rosner
The Making of a Learning Platform: Designing Addictive, User-Centric Content, presented by Pavi Sandhu
The Ping Identity Story: Enhancing Customer Experience through Dynamic Content Publishing, presented by Hannan Saltzman
Three Hats of Independence, presented by Rich Maggiani
Translation Management: “Common Sense” for Setting Up a Process, presented by Scott Carothers
Turning Offshore Partnership Challenges into Success, presented by Barbara Giammona
Up with Markdown! Presented by Dave Gash
Use Usability Testing and Enhance Your Documentation with Feedback, presented by Dave Bachmann & Mandy Morgan
Use Your Content to Create Killer Courseware, presented by Matt Sullivan
Using Word to Automate and Create Your Own Tools, presented by Robert Delwood
Where Does User Documentation Fit into Content Marketing? Presented by Clinton Lanier
Writing Technical Docs like a Hacker with Jekyll, presented by Tom Johnson
Your Secret Weapon: The Documentation Handbook, presented by Kate Schneider