Director (two-year term)

Every Director represents all members of the Society and serves as a communication link between the Board and members, communities, and any programs for which the Director has been assigned. Directors are voting members of the Board.

Each candidate for Director should have a history of successful leadership in STC or with another organization. Leadership can be in various areas of the Society, such as local or Society-level communities and committees. Valuable assets for this position are proven leadership skills, proven strategic thinking, knowledge of STC, ability to speak effectively in public, trouble-shooting skills, and tactfulness. Experience in one of the following areas is also helpful: governance, finance, or community advocacy.

Election forums are hosted on the STC Communities Slack workspace. Engage with the candidates by asking them questions and commenting on their responses. Tag each of the candidates so they know you have asked them a question. Use the “@” and their name to tag them.

This year's election slate includes the following candidates, in alphabetical order:

Theresa Daudier

Board of Directors Candidate: Theresa Daudier

Theresa Daudier is an STC member and a volunteer with the San Diego Chapter of the STC. She has held various volunteer roles including social media, webmaster, and volunteer coordinator. Most recently, she was Chapter president and is currently Immediate-past president. As a president of the chapter, she coordinated in-person meetings, shared programming responsibilities, managed the website, and filled the membership coordinator role.

Theresa is a Techcomm professional for software companies for the past five years. She was a Knowledgebase Technical Writer at ESET, a global cybersecurity software company. During her three years at ESET, Theresa contributed to the content and communications strategy both in the local San Diego office and globally. Her contribution was influential for involving the product design and localization teams into a unified communication strategy for all products. Theresa leveraged many of the existing tools the different teams use to facilitate effective processes throughout the company.

Outside of work, Theresa enjoys making beaded jewelry and raising her teenage daughter. Follow her on LinkedIn.

Read Theresa's candidate statement. 

Joyce Lam

Board of Directors Candidate: Joyce Lam

Joyce Lam is an information ambassador with recent technical communication experience focused on content automation. Her background in video game development drives her enthusiasm for user experience and intuitive design. Joyce draws her creativity from a love and mastery of music, writing, arts, and design. She is an information architect at Precision Content Authoring Solutions and the current president of STC Toronto. She is a member of Women in Tech, Women in STEM, Information 4.0 Consortium, and the Center for Information-Development Management (CIDM). Joyce is passionate about raising the standards for the content industry and empowering fellow professionals. Follow her on LinkedIn.

Read Joyce's candidate statement. 

Karen Levine

Board of Directors Candidate: Karen Levine

I am Karen Levine and I am running for the position of STC Board Director. Professionally, I am a technical documentation manager, localization manager, and technical writer at Draeger Medical Systems, Inc. During my career, I have learned leadership skills, as well as the ability to balance and to prioritize project requirements and budget restrictions to achieve business goals.

In my many years in STC, I have volunteered in many capacities. Previously, I was also a member of the New York Metro Chapter (NYMC). Now I am an active member of the Philadelphia Metro Chapter (PMC). Currently, I am the STC-PMC Acting Treasurer and have held a variety of roles over recent years, such as Vice President, Secretary/Membership Chair, CONDUIT co-chair, Entries Manager of the regional competitions, and many other volunteer roles. At the society level, I am a member of the STC Scholarship Committee and the Distinguished Community Service Award Committee. I am an Associate Fellow of STC and a recipient of the Distinguished Community Service Award.

My many years of work experience and my work with STC have both provided me with a variety of leadership skills that will inform my ability to serve.

I want to be an STC Director for a few reasons:

  • To help build the future of the society.
    We need to continue moving forward, adapting to changing times, and exploring opportunities to build on our successes.
  • To strategize ways to attract new members.
    In a time when professional organizations are losing membership, I want to help to find new ways to bring those new to technical communication to the society and all that the society has to offer.
  • To help our communities thrive.
    Community membership is shrinking around the globe. I want to explore avenues to help communities in their efforts to more than just survive, but to thrive.

I am dedicated to the success of the society, the chapters, and the SIGs. I have experience working on global, multi-functional teams with diverse groups of colleagues. This has taught me to be open to differing attitudes, cultural norms, and communication styles.

If elected, I will do my best to represent all society members. But to be truly represented, you need to vote. So, get out there and vote when the election opens and make your needs known to the society leadership. You can find me on LinkedIn.

Read Karen's candidate statement. 

Laura Palmer

Board of Directors Candidate: Laura Palmer

As a current member of STCs Board of Directors, I’m pleased to have the opportunity to run for another two-year term. In my work life, I’m the Chair of the Department of Technical Communication and Interactive Design (TCID) at Kennesaw State University. We’re the only state school in Georgia to offer a Bachelor of Science in Technical Communication and, without a doubt, our grads are in demand in Atlanta and beyond. We focus on the “tech” in technical communication and our students enter the workplace with both traditional competencies and those found in information architecture, search engine optimization, data visualization, and more.


I earned my both my master’s and PhD in Technical Communication and Rhetoric from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX and I came to Kennesaw in 2008 to start my career as an academic. Prior to becoming an academic, I’d worked as a professional technical communicator doing print design and publication back in my home and native land, Canada. I’d always felt a huge disconnect between what technical communication professionals do and the types of research done by academics. With that in mind, I decided to purse a master’s and then the PhD to see if I could bridge that gap. More than 13 years after I received my PhD, I still see myself as situated between practitioners and academics.


I’ve enjoyed my two years on the Board and have been very proud to chair the committee for the Frank R. Smith Award; additionally, this past year, I chaired the committee in charge of selecting a new editor for the journal, Technical Communication. You can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Read Laura's candidate statement. 

Sree Pattabiraman

Board of Directors Candidate: Sree Pattabiraman

Sree Pattabiraman started her career as a technical writer in India before moving to the United States and has carved a niche for herself as a technical communicator in the software and hardware networking domain.

Even though Sree has an undergraduate degree in Commerce, her inclination to the communication field led her to stumble upon Technical Communication, and there has been no looking back. Her first job as a technical writer in India served as a stepping-stone in helping her earn a master’s degree in Technical Communication from North Carolina State University.

Her experience transitioning into the field and creating a career for herself as a technical communicator makes her strive to promote technical communication in the Carolinas region. As an active STC member and Carolina chapter leader, Sree has served in various capacities, including President, Communications Director & Social Media Manager, Newsletter Editor, and Blog Coordinator. She currently serves as the Immediate Past President.

In her pursuit to help as many fellow technical communicators as possible, Sree has led various initiatives to foster partnerships with students and professors in the Carolinas region, actively serves as a mentor in the STC Carolina Mentorship program, and has helped secure technical communication tools sponsorships for the STC Carolina chapter.

Sree currently works as a Senior Technical Writer at Extreme Networks, Inc. in North Carolina, where she manages software and hardware documentation and produces video content for the company’s wireless networking product offerings. Follow her on LinkedIn.

Read Sree's candidate statement.