Secretary (two-year term)

The Secretary serves both as a Director and officer of the board. The Secretary may run for two consecutive terms of office. The duties of this position include familiarity with managing a budget, attending monthly calls and other meetings, and preparing minutes, agendas and other documents for monthly deadlines in advance of each meeting or conference call. Candidates for Secretary should have some business experience, along with excellent organizational skills and the ability to follow discussion and record relevant details for the minutes.

In addition, candidates must have sufficient time to devote to the position. Experience as secretary for another not-for-profit organization may be helpful.

The secretary:

  • Attends all board meetings.
  • Serves on the executive committee.
  • Ensures the safety and accuracy of all board records.
  • Creates board minutes and summaries and works with STC staff to get summaries posted on the website.
  • Assumes responsibilities of the chair in the absence of the board chair and vice chair.
  • Provides notice of meetings of the board and/or of a committee when such notice is required.

Election forums are hosted on the STC Communities Slack workspace. Engage with the candidates by asking them questions and commenting on their responses. Tag each of the candidates so they know you have asked them a question. Use the “@” and their name to tag them.