Treasurer (two-year term)

The Treasurer serves as both a Director and an Officer of the Board. The Treasurer may run for a second consecutive term of office. The duties of this position include familiarity with managing a budget, attending monthly financial calls or meetings, preparing financial documents for monthly deadlines in advance of each meeting or conference call, and interpreting the trends in the financial data for the rest of the board members.

Candidates for Treasurer should have some business experience, familiarity with managing a budget, a sense about the financial impact of initiatives, expectation of inevitable expenses, and comfort with spreadsheets. A good candidate is willing to advocate for fiscal responsibility and champion a different viewpoint from the rest of the Board of Directors. The candidate must be willing to engage in and maintain the debate over the prudent use of funds. In addition, the candidate must have sufficient time to devote to the position. Experience in one of the following areas is also helpful: accounting, law, business ownership or treasurer for another organization.