Vice President (two-year term)

The Vice President serves as both a Director and an Officer of the Board. The Vice President’s duties include supporting the strategic objectives of the Society, as well as any other responsibilities assigned by the President. These responsibilities may vary from year to year. The STC Bylaws specify that the Vice President automatically progresses to President, and then to Immediate Past President. Each of these offices has a one-year term, so the person who becomes Vice President is committing to a total of three years of service.

Candidates for Vice President must be passionate about and experienced in our industry; have in-depth knowledge of Society-level processes and practices; and be experienced in implementing large business, policy, or educational initiatives outside of STC. They must have extensive leadership experience, preferably in prior positions at the Society level, community level or in other organizations; should be aware of STC’s accomplishments and opportunities; and should have good ideas about future actions needed in response to trends in the profession and the needs of our members.

Election forums are hosted on the STC Communities Slack workspace. Engage with the candidates by asking them questions and commenting on their responses. Tag each of the candidates so they know you have asked them a question. Use the “@” and their name to tag them.

This year's election slate includes the following candidates, in alphabetical order:

Miles Kimball

Vice President Candidate: Miles Kimball

I fell in love with tech comm when working for a defense contractor. Since I was working on my PhD in Victorian Literature, they started me on a multi-million dollar contract proposal to edit. For three years, I developed safety training materials, emergency response plans, and monthly safety newsletters, all while teaching two sections of Business Writing. I was hooked.

I discovered that my insights into the past could benefit a field focused on the present. I realized that just as technical documents appeared throughout human history, their impact today was too little recognized. 

As Director of Technical Communication at Murray State University, I built courses tied to industry needs, and I consulted for GTE, then Verizon. At Texas Tech, I directed the sophomore TC program and later the TCR program overall. I grew interested in the history of visualization, which led to co-authoring with a book historian a textbook on document design and co-editing with Charles Kostelnick.

I built support for teachers of tech-writing at the College English Association (CEA), serving on the board and building relationships between CEA, STC, and ATTW. As CEA's conference director and eventually president, I gained valuable skills in managing professional organizations. 

At TTU, I also served as Interim Chair of the Communication Studies department, and then became department head at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. STC has honored me with the Jay R. Gould Award; the Ken Rainey Award; and admission to the rank of the STC Associate Fellows.

Read Miles' candidate statement. 

Carolyn Klinger

Vice President Candidate: Carolyn Klinger

My first job was as a Geographic Information Systems analyst, making complex maps for local government agencies. That experience included writing my first user’s guide, which led to my discovery of the field of technical communication, where I have stayed since 1994. Though I have worked primarily in the field of software documentation, I have gathered expertise in multiple domains and technologies, always seeking to communicate more clearly. I have had diverse experiences working as a lone writer, member of a large team, technical lead, team lead, and consultant.

After 10 years of independent consulting, I now work as an employee of a biomedical science company that consults to the National Cancer Institute, which is part of the National Institutes of Health. I write technical documentation related to cancer research and manage the accessibility of a large Confluence wiki. I care deeply about accessibility and lead workshops on how to make electronic documents accessible.

STC has provided me with a body of knowledge to master, mentors to guide me, and leadership opportunities. It has provided both the challenge and the recognition that are integral to a well-rounded professional career. Over the years I have endeavored to give as much as I have received, leading the STC Washington, DC – Baltimore Chapter, regional activities such as the STC Alliance Competition, and international STC committees including the Community Affairs Committee and Nominating Committee. One of my greatest joys in recent years has been managing student volunteers at the STC Summit. You can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Read Carolyn's candidate statement. 

Aiessa Moyna

Vice President Candidate: Aiessa Moyna

I am a veteran technical communicator with experience in a variety of corporate, nonprofit, and government settings. I currently serve as a communications vice president at American Express, providing consultation and support for the CIO and Technology organization. I began my career as a technical writer and editor, and over time I also have held roles in corporate communications, public affairs and media relations, communications consulting, and executive coaching.

I hold a B.S. in technical communication from New Mexico Tech and an M.A. in communication studies from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. An STC Fellow, I have served as an officer and council member for multiple student and professional chapters, plus have served in a number of elected and appointed leadership positions at the Society level. I am a former Society treasurer and member of the board of directors. I currently am a co-chair of the 2021 STC Summit Conference Committee, member of the STC Associate Fellows Committee, judge for the STC Alliance regional competitions, and manager of the STC New York Metro Chapter’s Elections Committee.

In my spare time, I support a number of nonprofit and community organizations by contributing my technical communication skills, particularly related to education and instructional design, project management, and leadership/governance. You can find me on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Read Aiessa's candidate statement.