TC and Industry Needs: Adapting and Marketing Yourself in Changing Economic Times

In a constantly changing world, people in nearly all professions have to adapt and find ways to make themselves more marketable. As a field that serves numerous industries and organizations with different needs, technical communication is no exception. In this webinar, you’ll learn more about how your role as a technical communicator positions you especially well to adapt to changes both in the workplace and in the larger economic climate. You’ll gain insights on how to adapt to those changes, how to market yourself, and how to expand and reinvent your role in the workplace.

Ideas and Advice for Building Side Gigs at Your Day Job

Whether you love your job but need to shake things up a bit, or hate your job and need to build some new skills to move on, a side gig or two at your day job can be just the thing to move you forward in your career. The presenter will share her experiences with side gigs at her day job, then facilitate a discussion meant to help you discover side gigs, find your motivation, overcome obstacles, and move forward. This session will be interactive, motivational, and fun.

Use Case: Reusing with Word and Loving It

This use case takes you through the content journey of a 60-year old small company with a new -experienced- tech writer, searching for a reuse solution. The starting point was the Atlanta 2013 STC Summit where the initial goal was to find out if DITA was the answer. In this particular case, it was… to stay in Word using SmartDocs. Johanne discovered she could reuse 70% and sometimes build whole manuals in 2 days. This use case also shows quickly what kind of problems need to be addressed when doing documentation in French and English with variables and snippets.

Cognition, Usability, and Design: The Psychology of Design and Use

Usability is about perception. If you know how individuals view their world, you can create materials that are easy to use. This webinar introduces attendees to how the mind determines use and evaluates usability. By examining aspects of recognition, memory, and recall, the speaker provides technical communicators with strategies for understanding audience expectations and creating more usable designs.

Resume Secrets That Might Surprise You

For years I’ve resisted speaking about effective resumes, thinking that everything that could possibly be said about the subject has already been covered. But after seeing candidate after candidate rejected based on what they had (and didn’t have) in their resumes, I realized it’s time for me to step up and share what I’ve observed over the years: Resume secrets that might surprise you. Have you ever submitted a resume but weren’t called for an interview? This webinar is for you!