FREE Webinar: Understanding the Basics of Crisis Communication Copy

Disasters -- such as pandemics, hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, wildfires, or earthquakes -- can strike at any time. Effective crisis communication can mitigate the problems caused by a disaster and help people and businesses get back to normal. This webinar will provide effective practices for communicating in times of crisis, and guidelines for promoting business continuity.

FREE Webinar: Writing Motions for the Annual Business Meeting

Keen to present a motion at the STC Annual Business Meeting, and want to make sure your intent comes across clearly and effectively? Not sure about the rules surrounding motions or the STC annual business meeting and why some motions are not allowed? Attend this webinar with STC Outgoing Secretary Kirsty Taylor for help creating a valid motion to put to the membership at the Annual Business Meeting. The intent of this webinar is not to vet motions before they are presented, only to help make the process more efficient at the Annual Business Meeting.