FREE for STC Members Webinar: 2018-2019 Salary Database: Utilizing the Information and Key Trends Copy

Governance may not be a “four letter word” but in many organizations that’s exactly how it’s treated. Governance is key in all organizations that create content, and it’s especially important in regulated industries where content must be scrutinized and verified before it’s made available to the public. Often it’s blamed for slowing down the creative process, or increasing time-to-market. Those aren’t features of “governance”, but are indicative of a poor or inappropriate implementation. Join me as I explain why governance is important and how you can streamline your governance process.

Marketing Your Technical Communication Services Internally and Externally

Who are technical communicators and where are we going as a profession? Find out in this webinar presenting the results of the first census of the field in over a century and discuss the implications to our profession and our individual careers with the researcher, a former STC president.

Behind-the-Scenes Networking: The Secret to Today’s Job Search

Learn how to apply your communication skills to a networking-based job search. I'll give tips on using LinkedIn to frame the story you want to tell potential employers and communicate with them about opportunities. This webinar was a session presented at the 2019 STC Summit.

Free STC Member-Only Webinar: Content Mayhem: A Case Study of Theory, Technology, and Continual Content Improvement

In health and medical contexts, effective materials are those individuals can use easily and successfully. The process of designing materials to facilitate their use is known as “usability.” Achieving it involves addressing who will use materials, when, where, and how. Such complexities can be difficult to identify, but they are essential to creating products that meet audience expectations and needs.

Measuring and Improving the Quality and Completeness of Your Documentation

My boss, the King of Continuous Improvement, threw down the gauntlet when we set my goals for last year. He asked me to come up with tangible ways to measure and improve the quality and completeness of our user documentation. We all know that measuring documentation is an extraordinary complicated thing to do. And just how do we know our documentation is complete? In this session, I will share with the several initiatives my team took to tackle this challenge with hopes of inspiring you to take a fresh look at how you might improve the performance of your own team and the satisfaction of your customers with the content you produce.

Free STC Member-Only Webinar: Creating Content that’s Intelligent

Are you familiar with the Flynn effect? It states that each generation of children is getting smarter than the previous generation. Needless to say, so are products. Think Driverless cars! But what's happening with your help content? Is it keeping pace with Flynn's users? Tune in to this webinar to listen to the challenges users face with traditional content and some of the ways to address these challenges. Let's look at what makes content intelligent and how you can create such content. Flynn will be pleased.