Free STC Member-Only Webinar: Creating Content that’s Intelligent

Are you familiar with the Flynn effect? It states that each generation of children is getting smarter than the previous generation. Needless to say, so are products. Think Driverless cars! But what's happening with your help content? Is it keeping pace with Flynn's users? Tune in to this webinar to listen to the challenges users face with traditional content and some of the ways to address these challenges. Let's look at what makes content intelligent and how you can create such content. Flynn will be pleased.

Documentation Project Management: From Basic Research to Interviewing SMEs to Final Publication

If you’re responsible for documentation of any kind, you know the pain points associated with planning for creation, delivery, and governance. Much documentation now has to live in variety of formats and cater to several audiences. Learn the secrets to effective documentation project management, including research, content development, publication, and governance.

Usability in Health and Medical Contexts

In health and medical contexts, effective materials are those individuals can use easily and successfully. The process of designing materials to facilitate their use is known as “usability.” Achieving it involves addressing who will use materials, when, where, and how. Such complexities can be difficult to identify, but they are essential to creating products that meet audience expectations and needs.

The Dollars and Sense of Visuals in Content: Original Research and Innovative Approaches

This webinar will share new, original research that quantifies (in time and dollars) the impact of images and video on understanding, retention of complex information, tasks completion, and productivity. The study also explores changing consumer preference and what it means for content creators in 2019. We’ll wrap up by looking at one innovative method for leveraging the power of visual communication while reducing the need to update and localize the visuals in software documentation. See real life examples of Simplified User Interface (SUI)—a visual treatment for screenshots—and learn the three benefits of this approach.

STC Roundtable Panel Discussion: To Content Measurement, Intelligence, + Beyond

If you have experienced highs and lows in measuring content, you’re not alone. This panel discussion will reveal the challenges, opportunities, and successes different content leaders from AT&T, The Home Depot, Wolters Kluwer Health, and Expedia have experienced as they take measuring content from a nice idea to reality.

STC Roundtable Panel Discussion: The future of Content Formats for Machine-Readable Devices

In this panel discussion, experts in structured content and Natural Language Processing discuss (and debate) the future of content formats for machine-readable devices.