Community Achievement Awards

The Community Achievement Award recognizes a SIG, professional or student chapter's outstanding accomplishments in achieving the Society's goals through a wide range of programs and activities. The Community Achievement Awards are presented at STC Summit the year after the award was earned. The award reflects the year the award is presented, e.g. the 2019 award is for work completed in 2018.

Community Executive Council will be notified of approval: After vote by STC Board of Directors, usually in March.

Awards Presented: At the Leadership Program at the STC Technical Communication Summit. Community of the Year award is presented at the Honors Reception.

Nomination Process

Consult the guidelines for the complete nomination process.


Any STC Professional Chapter, Special Interest Group (SIG), or Student Chapter is eligible to apply for a Community Achievement Award.

2020 Calendar Year Applications are due: 31 January 2021. 


Community Achievement Award Guidelines for Calendar Year 2020:


Community Achievement Award Application for Calendar Year 2020:

Completed applications and supporting material should be sent to:

2020 Awards for the 2019 Calendar Year

Community of the Year


For serving as an exemplary model of STC professionalism for continuing to further the chapter's and Society's mission as well as their willingness to give back to any STC chapter.

Community of the Year

Most Improved Community

North Texas Lone Star

For the chapter's preparedness in heightening their presence and their recommitment to excellence and spirit for a successful year.

Most Improved

Platinum Community Award


For promoting career opportunities in technical communication, meaningful educational outreach, a well-supported competition, and for an exceptional development plan for your community’s future.


For your creative ways of engaging your chapter members and the TechComm community. Highlights include content-rich newsletters, student writing contest, design contest, Get Real Program, and all your engaging social media activity.


For your energy in growing and maintaining your tech comm community and for your innovative methods used to connect new ideas with experience.


For finding diverse ways to ensure strong member participation and engagement through program initiatives and for creating a mentoring program for first time conference presenters.

North Texas Lone Star

For your dedication and determination to heightening your chapter’s presence and involvement in the community. The North Texas Lone Star Chapter epitomizes an energetic and successful community that promotes outreach, collaboration, and education.

Northeast Ohio

For the innovative way in which you promoted the community through a series of sold-out lunchtime mini-webinars, and for acknowledging community volunteers with a Hero badge.

Philadelphia Metro

For continuing to serve as a leader within STC for the many ways your dedicated volunteers
engage with the larger technical communication community, the exceptional technical communication conference you host, and your community’s detailed fiscal responsibility plan.


For your countless contributions to your tech comm communities and for serving as an exemplary model of STC professionalism.

San Diego

For finding innovative ways to sustain chapter volunteers through your active membership redeemable points program and for consistently leveraging the right social tools to engage your community.

Southeastern Michigan

For showing initiative in your use of social media tools and partnering with other organizations and businesses to promote community events to attract new members using avenues that may not be familiar to the STC at large.

Washington DC-Baltimore Chapter

For your great programming, including the All-Star Professional TechComm Speaker Series, your efforts to engage students, and for your communication with your members through
various social channels and the President's Message newsletter.


Gold Community Award

Technical Editing SIG

For your continuing innovative efforts to promote STC and provide benefit to your members.

Texas Tech Student Chapter

For your dedicated, enthusiastic contributions to supporting STC for your members.


Silver Community Award


For providing meaningful opportunities for students and members to solve business problems through project collaboration and your virtual learning series.


Bronze Community Award

Policies and Procedures

For your ongoing dedication in promoting and exalting the discipline of policies and procedures communication in our community and beyond.