Community Achievement Awards

The Community Achievement Award recognizes a SIG, professional or student chapter's outstanding accomplishments in achieving the Society's goals through a wide range of programs and activities. The Community Achievement Awards are presented at STC Summit the year after the award was earned. The award reflects the year the award is presented, e.g. the 2019 award is for work completed in 2018.

Community Executive Council will be notified of approval: After vote by STC Board of Directors, usually in March.

Awards Presented: At the CAC Virtual Leadership Program. Community of the Year and Most Improved Community awards are presented at the STC Honors Event at the STC Summit.

Nomination Process

Consult the guidelines for the complete nomination process.


Any STC Professional Chapter, Special Interest Group (SIG), or Student Chapter is eligible to apply for a Community Achievement Award.

2021 Calendar Year Applications are due: 31 January 2022. 


Community Achievement Award Guidelines for Calendar Year 2021:


Community Achievement Award Application for Calendar Year 2021:

Completed applications and supporting material should be sent to:

2022 Awards for the 2021 Calendar Year

Community of the Year

Carolina Chapter

In recognition of the high level of value provided for members, exemplified in dedication, profession, and support; a shining beacon of light for future technical communicators.

Community of the Year

Most Improved Community

Instruction Design and Learning SIG COP

For your improved efforts over the past year, providing strong value for members through various opportunities to advance their careers in technical communication.

Most Improved

Platinum Community Award

Carolina Chapter

In recognition of the robust gathering of value you bring to members, the Society, your community, academia and the profession as a whole, ensuring that the future of technical communication is bright.

Chicago Chapter

For the Chapter’s concerted and varied efforts to connect with members, and to draw others into the community and the field of Technical Communication.

Instructional Design and Learning SIG COP

In recognition of your robust programs and strong outreach, with an extensive social media presence that connects the Society and its members.

Rochester Chapter

In recognition of Rochester's broad offerings for the community, including educational programs and social gatherings.

South Central Texas Chapter

For your outstanding support of Chapter members with valuable programming, collaboration, and education incentives to continue with the mission of the Society.

Washington DC-Baltimore Chapter

In recognition of your efforts to promote STC membership, encourage current and future volunteer opportunities for leadership, and your collaboration with other communities.


Gold Community Award

Michigan Great Lakes Chapter

For nurturing the future of technical communication by your strong support for leadership, collaboration within your community, mentoring opportunities and member recognition.

North Texas Lone Star Chapter

In recognition of your extensive Outreach initiatives over the past year, including student mentorship, encouragement and support of volunteerism, and educational opportunities.


Silver Community Award

Ohio Chapter

For finding creative ways to engage with members virtually, expanding your members understanding of inclusive terminology, and clearly explaining volunteer opportunities within the chapter.

Technical Editing SIG COP

For your educational programs, your outreach to the profession and collaboration with other STC communities.


Bronze Community Award

Texas Tech University Student Chapter

For motivating the next generation of technical communicators while engaging with the current community by providing educational opportunities, representing your chapter at technical conferences, and finding innovative ways to adapt and evolve.