Distinguished Community Service Awards

The Distinguished Community Service Awards recognize the hard work and commitment of STC’s community leaders. The three awards-Distinguished Chapter Service Award, Distinguished SIG Service Award, and Distinguished Service Award for Students-recognize an individual’s exemplary effort, energy, and dedication to their community and its activities. This is the highest level of recognition that a member can receive for service to their community. The Distinguished Community Service Awards are administered by the Distinguished Community Service Award Committee.

Nomination Process

Consult the guidelines for the complete nomination process.


  • Any STC community member
  • Members with student membership status during the entire period for which the award is given (DSAS only)

With the following exceptions:

Ineligible Members

  • Chapter President
  • Chapter Vice President
  • SIG Managers/Co-managers
  • Members who have already received the DCSA from that chapter
  • Members who have already received the DSSA from that SIG
  • Members who are on the STC Board of Directors


The professional chapter, SIG, or student chapter executive council.

Due date:  TBD

The guidelines and application will be published in the fall of 2024.

Distinguished Community Service Award Awardees

2024 Honorees (DCSA) Distinguished Chapter Service Award

Jennifer Prior Schledorn, North Texas Lone Star Chapter

For your sustained contributions to the North Texas Lone Star chapter during the six years you served as secretary, including but not limited to multiple CAA application submissions that led to nine community achievement awards over four years.


Sian Mehl, Chicago Metro Chapter

For your sustained contributions to the Chicago Chapter including but not limited to serving as newsletter editor for three years, designing and implementing a more engaging interactive email newsletter, and providing invaluable advice and support to chapter leadership during times of significant turbulence and turnover.


Dr. Russel Hirst, East Tennessee Chapter

For your sustained contributions to the East Tennessee Chapter including but not limited to serving as the chapter’s UTK faculty sponsor for more than 30 years, providing ongoing mentoring for students and chapter leadership even into retirement, and furthering the profession through the establishment of International Journal for Nuclear Security in 2015.


Kylie Jacobsen, Michigan Great Lakes Chapter

For your sustained contributions to the Michigan Great Lakes Chapter including but not limited to serving in multiple leadership positions and leading the chapter to a Platinum CAA award in 2022, designing the chapter logo, and continuously fostering student engagement through blog and Intercom articles.


Erika Konrad, Arizona Chapter

For your sustained contributions to the Arizona Chapter including but not limited to your five-year service as both NAU faculty liaison and chapter treasurer, presenting multiple seminars on technical communication subjects, and serving as a stabilizing force during chapter leadership turnover.

2024 Honorees (DSSA) Distinguished SIG Service Award

Susan McGowan, Technical Editing SIG

For your sustained contributions to the Technical Editing SIG including but not limited to exemplary student outreach efforts, organizing virtual chat meetings, and managing the SIG table at Summit.


Tricia Spayer, Policies and Procedures SIG

For your sustained contributions to the Policies and Procedures SIG including but not limited to your service as the SIG’s programming technical manager since 2019, managing logo and photo contests such as “Where in the World is Monte?”, and continuously facilitating engagement at virtual and in-person events.


Ruth-Anne Klassen, Instructional Design & Learning SIG

For your sustained contributions to the Instructional Design & Learning SIG including but not limited to fostering student engagement at multiple levels, serving as SIG secretary for multiple years, and magnificently coordinating the SIG’s annual virtual open house in 2023.

2024 Honorees (DSAS) Distinguished Service Award for Students

None awarded.

2024 Jennifer Prior Schledorn North Texas Lone Star
2024 Sian Mehl Chicago
2024 Russel Hirst East Tennessee
2024 Kylie Jacobsen Michigan Great Lakes
2024 Erika Konrad Arizona
2023 Katherine Baeckeroot Michigan Great Lakes
2023 Zohra Mutabanna North Texas Lone Star Chapter
2023 Kelly Webb Bronstrup Ohio
2023 Laura Harding Twin Cities
2023 Tavia Record Washington DC-Baltimore
2022 Nicholas Ducharme Florida
2022 Peggy Frizzo Michigan Great Lakes
2022 Kelly Smith Michigan Great Lakes
2022 Agnes Mends-Crentsil North Texas Lone Star
2022 Richard Poydock Rochester
2022 Rachel Lam San Francisco Bay
2022 Erin Weidemer Silicon Valley
2022 Joyce Lam Toronto
2021 Phoebe Forio Atlanta
2021 Cathy Sprankle Carolina
2021 Rajib Borkataki India
2021 Alison Phillips Michigan Great Lakes
2021 Steve Jong New England
2021 Bob Want North Texas Lone Star
2021 Danielle Villegas Philadelphia Metro
2021 Christine Christensen Rochester
2021 Gale Naylor San Francisco Bay
2020 Jeanne Gonnason Alberta
2020 Rachel Houghto Arizona
2020 Christina E. Mayr Carolina
2020 Jason Vensel Northeast Ohio
2020 John Garison New England
2020 Michael Opsteegh Orange County
2020 Mona Albano Toronto
2020 Vanitha Krishnamurthy Toronto
2020 Richard Bogacz Washington DC-Baltimore
2019 Kim Rosenlof Arizona
2019 Pete Wagner Chicago
2019 Steve Greffenius New England
2019 Brian E. Smith Northeast Ohio
2019 Walter Hanig San Diego
2018 Donna Templeton Chicago
2018 Elizabeth Miller East Bay
2018 Bethany Aguad Florida
2018 Debra Johnson Florida
2018 Saravanan Manoharan India
2018 Emily Alfson New England
2018 Rick Lippincott New England
2018 Pam Sarantos New England
2018 Paul Holland Northeast Ohio
2018 Ellen O’Brien Philadelphia Metro
2018 Roberta (Bobbi) Werner Rochester
2017 Jessie Channey Alberta
2017 Josee Martens Chicago Metro
2017 Manisha Khurana Sardana India
2017 Lisa Mileusnich Northeast Ohio
2017 Lynn Nickels Northeast Ohio
2017 Laura Ruggeri North Texas Lone Star
2017 Carmel Priore-Garlock Rochester
2017 Kelly Schrank Rochester
2017 Dave Wilks Rocky Mountain
2017 Patricia Gomez Martz Southeastern Michigan
2017 James Bousquet Southeastern Ontario
2017 Karen Levine Philadelphia Metro
2017 Jessie Mallory Philadelphia Metro
2017 Sean Stevenson Washington, DC-Baltimore
2016 Robert Perry Carolina
2016 John Hartigan Chicago
2016 Lori Meyer East Bay
2016 Carrie Cianciola Northeast Ohio
2016 David Calloway Philadelphia Metro
2016 Jessica Rineer Philadelphia Metro
2016 Jeanette Lee Randall Phoenix
2016 Melanie R. Blank Rochester
2016 Wendy Barnhart Ross Rochester
2016 Marcia Wood Rocky Mountain
2016 D J Towne San Diego
2016 Lisa Veasey Southeastern Michigan
2016 Dr. Ugar Akinci Washington, DC-Baltimore
2015 Julie Garrison Houston
2015 Ramesh Aiyyangar India
2015 Naveen Harry D’Cruz India
2015 Janean Voss Northeast Ohio
2015 Alex Garcia Orlando Central Florida
2015 Estelle Holloway Rochester
2015 Cherie Woodward Sacramento Metro
2015 Thomas Glennan Southeastern Michigan
2015 Lori Meyer Washington, DC – Baltimore
2015 Lori Meyer Carolina
2015 Stephen Adler Philadelphia Metro Chapter
2015 Timothy Esposito Philadelphia Metro Chapter
2015 Cheri Noble Chicago
2015 Shawn H. Mershon Willamette Valley
2015 Sharon Brooke Vail Willamette Valley
2015 Romy Sinha East Bay
2015 Nitza Hauser NY Metro
2014 Howard Speck Atlanta
2014 Susan Jaeger Berkeley
2014 Christina Eftekhar Carolina
2014 Cynthia Laughlin Chicago
2014 Donna Wampach Chicago
2014 Jane Olivera East Bay
2014 Jowell Lydon Houston
2014 Sharon Jendrisak Northeast Ohio
2014 Kim Lindsey Northeast Ohio
2014 Mark Wray Orlando Central Florida
2014 Dr. Albert Brown Philadelphia Metro
2014 Todd DeLuca Philadelphia Metro
2014 Miachelle DePiano Phoenix
2014 Jan Kruse Phoenix
2014 Barbara Alban Puget Sound
2014 Marilyn Woelk Rochester
2014 Michelle DesPres Rocky Mountain
2014 Nancy Rhoads San Diego
2014 Kathleen Gavenman Santa Barbara
2014 Maryann Bowen Southeastern Michigan
2014 Paul Kostiuk Southwestern Ontario
2014 Ursula McCloy Southwestern Ontario
2014 Toni Mantych Willamette Valley
2014 Rolf Vellek Willamette Valley
2013 Jeanne Gonnason Alberta
2013 Jenna Moore Carolina
2013 Adam Evans Chicago Metro
2013 Elizabeth Burke Chicago Metro
2013 Mark Yoss Chicago Metro
2013 Lori Cooke East Bay
2013 Erika Guerra-Ramon Houston
2013 Rajdeep Gupta STC India
2013 Susan M. Alexander STC India
2013 Thomas A. Myers Los Angeles
2013 William Dubie New England
2013 Malu Schloss New York Metro
2013 Denise Kadilak Northeast Ohio
2013 Virginia (Ginny Haas Northeast Ohio
2013 Michael Opsteegh Orange County
2013 Alex Garcia Orlando Central Florida
2013 Sarah Baca Orlando Central Florida
2013 Lori Corbett Philadelphia Mero
2013 Kathy Henry Puget Sound
2013 Ben Woelk Rochester
2013 Joel Meier Rocky Mountain
2013 Prescott William Sacramento Metro
2013 Jeff Freeman San Diego
2013 Ann Holms Santa Barbara
2013 Fei Min Lorente Southwestern Ontario
2013 Eric Anest Washington DC-Baltimore
2013 Viqui Dill Washington DC-Baltimore
2013 Charlotte Glenn Washington DC-Baltimore
2013 Melissa Amos Willamette Valley
2013 Mark Barnett Willamette Valley
2013 Toni Mantych Willamette Valley
2013 Rolf Vellek Willamette Valley
2012 Patrick Lufkin Berkeley
2012 MaryKay Grueneberg Chicago
2012 Helen Cheung East Bay
2012 Stephanie Donovan Houston
2012 Sarah Burke Northeast Ohio
2012 Jane Baker Orange County
2012 Carrie Chambers Orange County
2012 Dalton Hooper Orlando
2012 Kelli Pharo Orlando
2012 Nad Rosenberg Philadelphia Metro
2012 Gary Sternberg Philadelphia Metro
2012 Katherine Carroll Porray Rochester
2012 Kristy Lantz Astry Rocky Mountain
2012 John Endicott Rocky Mountain
2012 Debbie Peebles (Ross) Rocky Mountain
2012 Mark Lockwood Southeastern Michigan
2012 Carol Lawless Southwestern Ontario
2012 Pamela Paterson Toronto
2012 Jeff Jansen Willamette Valley
2012 Susan Kloster Willamette Valley
2012 Dave Clark Wisconsin
2012 Linda Verwey Wisconsin
2011 Ken Schatzke Alberta
2011 Nicolette L. (Nicki) Davis Berkeley
2011‏ Maria A. (Tonie) Flores Berkeley
2011 Karrie Brock Birmingham
2011‏ Francis Bao Chicago
2011‏ Beth Najberg Chicago
2011 W. Kelly Oja Chicago
2011 Joseph M. Humbert East Bay
2011 Linda King Houston
2011 Dan Schlapia Kansas City
2011‏ Dr. Helen Moody New Mexico Kachina
2011‏ Amy Vogt Northeast Ohio
2011‏ Suzanne Madison Orange County
2011‏ Elizabeth Malone Orange County
2011 David A. Coverston Orlando
2011 Erika B. Higgins Orlando
2011 Barrie Byron Philadelphia Metro
2011 Gary Samartino Philadelphia Metro
2011 Jan Peartree Rochester
2011 Ruth Gaulke Rocky Mountain
2011 Marc Lee Rocky Mountain
2011‏ Tammy Van Boening Rocky Mountain
2011 Lance Robert San Diego
2011‏ Andrea Frazier Southeastern Michigan
2011‏ Elizabeth Donoghue Colvin Southeastern Michigan
2011‏ Debbie Kerr Southwestern Ontario
2011 Veronica Kütt Toronto
2011‏ Linda Mikkelsen Twin Cities
2011 Tina Hoffman United Kingdom & Ireland
2011‏ Mabel L. Lee Willamette Valley
2011 David E. Thompson Willamette Valley
2010 Mai-Ann Sprung Alberta
2010 Linda Urban Berkeley
2010 Rick S. Sapir Carolina
2010 Geoff Sauer Central Iowa
2010 Linda Jansak Chicago
2010 Elaine Montambeau Central NY
2010 Ellen W. Lebelle France
2010 Alyssa Fox Houston
2010 Cathy Bettoney Houston
2010 Makarand Pandit India
2010 Chris LaPorte Lone Star
2010 Li-At Ruttenberg Los Angeles
2010 Amy Oldham Middle Tennessee
2010 Jean Gabriel New Mexico Kachina
2010 Tricia Spayer Northeast Ohio
2010 Mike Murray Orlando
2010 Lisa Moretto Rochester
2010 Ron Arner Rocky Mountain
2010 Julie Bettis Rocky Mountain
2010 Jessica Betterly Rocky Mountain
2010 Erin Moulton Southeastern Michigan
2010 Judith Harper Southwestern Ohio
2010 Lori Jankowski Ontario
2010 Nick Rosenthal United Kingdom & Ireland
2010 Carol L. Larson Willamette Valley
2010 Maralee Sautter Willamette Valley
2009 Dr. George Hayhoe Altanta
2009 Jeff Albers Atlanta
2009 Linda Van Sickle Atlanta
2009 Ben Lukas Berkeley
2009 Sara Beth Scudder Birmingham
2009 Greg Bartlett Boston
2009 Linda Fritz Boston
2009 William B. Gruener Boston
2009 James Jones Chicago
2009 Ken Evans East Bay
2009 Deborah Long Houston
2009 Erika Frensley Houston
2009 Scott Abel Indiana
2009 Melissa P. Haughton Lone Star
2009 Marta Cepek Montreal
2009 Ellen Cline New Mexico Kachina
2009 Stephanie Webster Northeast Ohio
2009 Linda S. Stark Oklahoma
2009 Rachel Alexander Palm Beaches
2009 Chuck Lanigan Pittsburg
2009 Lori Meyer Rochester
2009 Deborah Lockwood Rocky Mountain
2009 Carmen Carmack Rocky Mountain
2009 M. Katherine (Kit) Brown Rocky Mountain
2009 Christine Pellar-Kosbar Southeastern Michigan
2009 Sharon McDonnell Southeastern Michigan
2009 Margie Yundt Southwestern Ontario
2008 Holly Harkness Atlanta
2008 Linda Van Sickle Atlanta
2008 Julie Brock Atlanta
2008 Chris McRae Atlanta
2008 Joe Scardina Atlanta
2008 Ben Lukas Berkeley
2008 Joseph Devney Berkeley
2008 Sara Beth Scudder Birmingham
2008 Linda Fritz Boston
2008 Greg Bartlett Boston
2008 William B. Gruener Boston
2008 Greg A. Bartlett Boston
2008 Sheila Loring Carolina
2008 Anjela Dukes Carolina
2008 James Jones Chicago
2008 Ken Evans East Bay
2008 Ashwini Tharval East Bay
2008 Yvonne Wade Sanchez Houston
2008 Cynthia Pao Houston
2008 Erika Frensley Houston
2008 Deborah Long Houston
2008 Scott Abel Indiana
2008 Melissa P. Haughton Lone Star
2008 Kristy Nolan Lone Star Community
2008 Louellen S. Coker Lone Star Community
2008 Kerry Tani Los Angeles
2008 Marta Cepek Montreal
2008 Ellen Cline New Mexico Kachina
2008 Robert G. Young Northeast Ohio
2008 Stephanie Webster Northeast Ohio
2008 Angela H. Dianetti Northeast Ohio
2008 Linda S. Stark Oklahoma
2008 Rachel Alexander Palm Beaches
2008 Steven Lungren Philadelphia Metro
2008 Julia Margulies Phildelphia Metro
2008 Jeff Rivers Phoenix
2008 Tim Slavin Phoenix
2008 Chuck Lanigan Pittsburg
2008 Nancy Ott Pittsburgh
2008 Lori Meyer Rochester
2008 Molly Malsam Rocky Mountain
2008 Lynnette Reveling Rocky Mountain
2008 Don Zimmerman Rocky Mountain
2008 Tim Bombosch San Francisco
2008 Reyn Johnson San Francisco
2008 Marie Highby Silicon Valley
2008 Joseph Malin Silicon Valley
2008 Richard Mateosian Silicon Valley
2008 Jack Molisani Silicon Valley
2008 Stephanie Bryant Silicon Valley
2008 Sharon McDonnell Southeastern Michigan
2008 Christine Pellar-Kosbar Southeastern Michigan
2008 Douglas Howell Southeastern Michigan
2008 Leanne Rollins Southwestern Ontario
2008 Margie Yundt Southwestern Ontario
2008 Mark Lewis Suncoast
2008 Jane McCarney Twin Cities
2008 Catharine A.W. Clarke U.K.
2008 Jennifer Reed Washington, DC
2007 Roger Siegel Atlanta
2007 Dirk Bender Atlanta
2007 Kathryn Munn Berkeley
2007 Karen Giventer Boston
2007 Virginia Adams Boston
2007 Patty Morin Boston
2007 Cindy Richardson-Decker Carolina
2007 Meredith Kinder Carolina
2007 T. R. Girill East Bay
2007 Tim Hammon East Tennessee
2007 Rick Lorenz Eastern Ontario
2007 Ann Jennings Houston
2007 Jackie Damrau Lone Star
2007 Jeanne Foster Lone Star
2007 Paul Holland Lone Star
2007 Melissa Stoller Los Angeles
2007 Scott Logan Mid-Valley
2007 Rolfe Dlugy-Hegwer NorthBay
2007 Lori J. Klepfer Northeast Ohio
2007 Jeanette Evans Northeast Ohio
2007 Prescott S. Williams Philadelphia Metro
2007 Michael V. Sharp Philadelphia Metro
2007 Linda Glass Shacklock Phoenix
2007 Alan Houser Pittsburgh
2007 Anne C. Halsey Rocky Mountain
2007 Larry Pastori San Francisco
2007 Kathy Broman San Gabriel Valley
2007 Mimi Wessling Silicon Valley
2007 Anne Wilson Silicon Valley
2007 Jeff Beeler Silicon Valley
2007 Andrew Davis Silicon Valley
2007 Colleen Doherty Silicon Valley
2007 Deborah Stacy Southeastern Michigan
2007 Kathleen Belanger Southeastern Michigan
2007 Pat Markey Southern Arizona
2007 Nancy Halverson Southwestern Ontario
2007 Opal Gamble Southwestern Ontario
2007 Katharyn L. Bine Washington, D.C.
2006 Jill Nicholson Australia
2006 David Alt Berkeley
2006 Betsy Kent Carolina
2006 Paul Mueller Houston
2006 Jewel Darby Houston
2006 Tharun Kumar Unni P.T. India
2006 Frederick Menezes India
2006 Lauren Womack Lone Star
2006 Robert Brown Lone Star
2006 Elisa Kaplan Miller Lone Star
2006 Rita Johnson Middle Tennessee
2006 Kim Bixby Mid-Valley
2006 Beth Williams Northeast Ohio
2006 Dan Jones Orlando
2006 Mark Hanigan Orlando
2006 Donn DeBoard Philadelphia
2006 Marc Green Philadelphia
2006 Tim Eull Phoenix
2006 Chanda Child Phoenix
2006 Nancy Carpenter Pittsburgh
2006 Martha K. Sippel Rocky Mountain
2006 Marc Smircich San Francisco
2006 Fred Sampson Silicon Valley
2006 Wallace N. Sueyoshi Silicon Valley
2006 Rebecca Thomson Silicon Valley
2006 Harlo Lenning Silicon Valley
2006 Lottie Applewhite Silicon Valley
2006 Laura M. Bayer Silicon Valley
2006 Jackie E. Athey Silicon Valley
2006 Karen Baranich South Carolina Midlands
2006 Mary Jo David Southeastern Michigan
2006 Helen Marty Southern Arizona
2006 Sherry McMenemy Southwestern Ontario
2006 Preeti Mathur Twin Cities
2006 Liz Hale United Kingdom
2005 Benjamin P. Johnson
2005 Ian S. Hawkins Alberta
2005 Taryn Light Boston
2005 Joel Sklar Boston
2005 Denise Dunne Boston
2005 Rahel Anne Bailie Canada West Coast
2005 Terry E. Smith Carolina
2005 Daniel J. Dornbrook Chicago
2005 Malcolm Culbertson Chicago
2005 Jennifer O Neill France
2005 George Slaughter Houston
2005 Wayne L. Schmadeka Houston
2005 Robert K. Meyer James River
2005 Kathryn Poe Lone Star
2005 Virginia Gilstorf Lone Star
2005 Louise I. Keeton Lone Star
2005 Margaret E. Rollow Los Angeles
2005 Elizabeth K. Boone Mid-South
2005 Lynn N. Bonner Mid-Valley
2005 Judyth K. Prono New Mexico Kachina
2005 Arifa Ghani Rahman Northern New England
2005 Julie A. Dotson Orange County
2005 Janette M. Farnsworth Orlando
2005 Karen L. Zorn Phoenix
2005 Jane L. Smith Phoenix
2005 Mike Brazill Puget Sound
2005 Dale P. Callison Puget Sound
2005 Gloria D. Campbell Puget Sound
2005 Heidi L. Hansen Puget Sound
2005 Sandra J. Swanson Rochester
2005 Beau Cain Silicon Valley
2005 Jeffrey R. Brooks Southwestern Ohio
2005 Robin M. Dube Southwestern Ontario
2005 Victoria Koster-Lenhardt TransAlpine
2005 Judy K. Kistler-Robinson Twin Cities
2005 Steven V. Fitch Twin Cities
2005 Carolyn Kelley Klinger Washington, DC
2005 Patrick J. Sweeney West Michigan Shores
2005 Valerie M. Ball Willamette Valley
2005 Debra J. Layton Willamette Valley
2004 Amy D. Case
2004 Roberta S. Heinlein Atlanta
2004 Brian R. Fleming Atlanta
2004 Leigh Richardson Atlanta
2004 Lori J. Brown Atlanta
2004 Al Hood Atlanta
2004 Luc Bouquet Belgium
2004 Michael T. Harvey Carolina
2004 Veronika A. Freeman Central New York
2004 Russell L. Kahn Central New York
2004 Timothy R. Voorheis Central New York
2004 Chris Hester Chicago
2004 Gay Marie Logsdon East Tennessee
2004 Charles R. Crawley Eastern Iowa
2004 Steven R. Shriver Houston
2004 Ronald J. Hartberger Houston
2004 Verna M. Dunn Houston
2004 James M. Hunt Houston
2004 David Marcus Israel
2004 Donald H. White James River
2004 Douglas G. Dow Lone Star
2004 Jasmine S. Graham Lone Star
2004 Diane Y. Mazzarella Lone Star
2004 Teresa B. Avizienis Los Angeles
2004 Kristine M. Henige Northeast Ohio
2004 Edward J. Marshall Northern New England
2004 Stephen W. Murphy Northern New England
2004 Karen Lane Orlando
2004 Katherine E. Graden Phoenix
2004 Gloria H. McConnell Phoenix
2004 Darlene A. Mullenix Pittsburgh
2004 Anne M. Smith Sacramento
2004 Caroline Drakeley Sacramento
2004 Janet L. Bran San Francisco
2004 Ancilla Allsman San Francisco
2004 Barbara J. Kilburn Silicon Valley
2004 Joo Khim Tan Singapore
2004 David P. Herder South Carolina Foothills
2004 Jennifer C. Regal Southeastern Michigan
2004 Brenda P. Huettner Southern Arizona
2004 James O. Conway Southern Colorado
2004 Louise H. Tincher Southwestern Ohio
2004 Lynda J. Baxter Southwestern Ontario
2004 Laurie L. Pearce Toronto
2004 Regina A. Schwarz TransAlpine
2004 Peter C. Heikes Twin Cities
2004 Leslie Reed Washington, DC
2003 Robert Kent Alamo
2003 Gerald Cohen Atlanta
2003 Carolyn D. Rasch Atlanta
2003 Sarah Lee Hauslinger Berkeley
2003 Victoria J. Maki Berkeley
2003 Donald H. Cunningham Birmingham
2003 Debra S. Burrell Birmingham
2003 Cheryl Magadieu Boston
2003 Emily S. Toone Carolina
2003 Michelle Corbin Carolina
2003 R. Douglas Eaton Central New York
2003 Blake A. Pitcher Central New York
2003 Sherri B. Lehman Central Ohio
2003 Michael E. Starr Central Ohio
2003 Stephen G. Brunet Houston
2003 Jocelyn Crump Williams Houston
2003 Gary I. Foster Houston
2003 Mark Levinson Israel
2003 Karen B. Ferland Kansas City
2003 Ruby A. Bohannon Lone Star
2003 Marian Tullis Blake Lone Star
2003 Pamela A. Wilkes Los Angeles
2003 Betsy R. Suttle Los Angeles
2003 Daniel C. Zaiss Mid Valley
2003 Nell W. Johnson Mid-South
2003 Sarah Egan Warren North Carolina State University
2003 Jill A. McCauslin Northeast Ohio
2003 Patricia B. Wade Oklahoma
2003 Marcia A. Couey Orange County
2003 Jeffrey A. Randolph Orange County
2003 James D. Lowerre Orange County
2003 Barbara E. Odom Orlando
2003 Dana M. Osborne Phoenix
2003 Thomas P. Barnett Phoenix
2003 Marlene G. Miller Pittsburgh
2003 Peggy Jacobson Puget Sound
2003 Kelly C. Malleck Puget Sound
2003 Adele Becker Puget Sound
2003 Donna H. Cox Rochester
2003 Paul F. Ferguson Rochester
2003 Linda G. Gallagher Rocky Mountain
2003 Lance R. Gelein Sacramento
2003 Shirley A. Parker San Fernando Valley
2003 Joe D. Lowell Silicon Valley
2003 Sally C. Paul Southeastern Michigan
2003 Judith B. McCabe Southern Arizona
2003 David G. Kimmel Southwestern Ohio
2003 Melinda J. Hoffbauer Southwestern Ohio
2003 Patrick Hofmann Southwestern Ontario
2003 Pamela D. Sittler Southwestern Ontario
2003 Barbara Vogel St. Louis
2003 Karen Lynn Bachmann Suncoast
2003 Bogo Vatovec TransAlpine
2003 Giovanna Chiozzi TransAlpine
2003 Nancy E. Kaminski Twin Cities
2003 Allen W. Rotz Washington, DC
2003 Sandra J. Balkema West Michigan Shores
2003 Kathleen S. Kuvinka Willamette Valley
2003 Dick Miller Willamette Valley
2003 Donald “Skip” G. Martin Willamette Valley
2002 Thomas W. Trussell Arkansas
2002 Angie Morris Atlanta
2002 Pamela J. Migneault Atlanta
2002 Richard Mateosian Berkeley
2002 Bonnie Jo Collins Boston
2002 Diane Forsyth Canada West Coast
2002 Frances D. Wirth Carolina
2002 Laura J. Modisette Central Ohio
2002 Susan Wolford Central Ohio
2002 Rebecca C. Hall Chicago
2002 Michael Keith Anderson Chicago
2002 Diana W. Wilcoxson East Bay
2002 Cynthia D. Rayburn East Carolina University
2002 Patricia Clark McDaniels East Tennessee
2002 Amy M. Perry Hoosier
2002 Marilyn Barrett-O’Leary Houston
2002 Melanie G. Flanders Houston
2002 Karen K. Graber Houston
2002 Marjorie S. Hermansen-Eldard Intermountain
2002 Deborah E. Shapiro Israel
2002 Jeanette E. Wootton Kansas City
2002 Kelly L. Burch Lone Star
2002 Gail W. Lippincott Lone Star
2002 James E. Chambless Lone Star
2002 Karen A. Bergen Los Angeles
2002 Jacquelyn L. Walters Mid-South
2002 John T. Scott Mid-Valley
2002 Joanne G. Cortese Montana
2002 Robert J. Dianetti Northeast Ohio
2002 Carol L. Eyman Northern New England
2002 Steve C. Wilson Oklahoma
2002 Dennis F. Hanrahan Orange County
2002 William C. (W.C.) Wiese Orlando
2002 Jonathan S. Kessler Orlando
2002 Aiessa M. Moyna Phoenix
2002 Maura F. Betler Phoenix
2002 Teresa A. Goertz Puget Sound
2002 Julie M. Blair Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
2002 Kathryn M. Wise Rochester
2002 Amy S. Friend Rochester
2002 Mary Jo Stark Rocky Mountain
2002 Sunny Bishop Sacramento
2002 Michael P. Markley Snake River
2002 Michael J. Dailey Southeastern Michigan
2002 Catherine M. Titta Southeastern Michigan
2002 Mary A. Hayes Southeastern Michigan
2002 Dirk J. Arnold Southern Arizona
2002 Sarah T. Bonati Southern Arizona
2002 David C. Kumpf Southern Colorado
2002 Amy K. Kearns Southwest Ohio
2002 Sarah Wigser Southwest Ohio
2002 Deborah Ann Maskens Southwestern Ontario
2002 Catherine F. Schryer Southwestern Ontario
2002 Elinor D. Thaxton SpaceTech
2002 Esther J. Klay St. Louis
2002 Conrad M. Snyder St. Louis
2002 Brian J. Martin TransAlpine
2002 Elizabeth G. Frick Twin Cities
2002 Janet F. Scharp Washington, DC
2002 B. Jean Richardson Willamette Valley
2002 Christy Graunke Willamette Valley
2002 Robin R. Schuckmann Willamette Valley
2002 David R. Grassmann Willamette Valley
2002 Kenneth J. Cook Wisconsin
2002 Mollye M. Barrett Wisconsin
2001 Robyn L. Remington Arkansas
2001 Patrick Moore Arkansas
2001 Cheri Crider Atlanta
2001 Linda G. Smith Atlanta
2001 Bernice I. Hunter Atlanta
2001 Mary Menz Atlanta
2001 Donna A. Ayres Boston
2001 Amy Anson Boston
2001 Jonathan W. Baker Boston
2001 Patricia G. Moell Carolina
2001 Christopher J. Benz Carolina
2001 Alexa H. Thompson Carolina Foothills
2001 Susan K. DeWitt Central Connecticut
2001 Brenda M. Petrizzi Central Connecticut
2001 Sharlyn A. Dimick Central Illinois
2001 Brenda A. McGuire Central Ohio
2001 Linda M. Kelley Chicago
2001 Jacqueline B. Napier Chicago
2001 Ellen M. Smatlak Chicago
2001 Janet M. Kaczkowski Chicago
2001 M. David Orr Chicago
2001 Elizabeth L. Valdes Chicago
2001 Peggy Malecki Chicago
2001 May F. McKoon East Bay
2001 Marsha R. Workman East Bay
2001 Darlene L. Doehrmann Eastern Iowa
2001 Ann M. Miller Edison Community College Student
2001 Jennifer O’Neill France
2001 Delores S. Peterson Intermountain
2001 Paige A. Pitsenberger James Madison University student
2001 Janet A. Farr Kansas City
2001 Elizabeth Bailey Lone Star
2001 Susan M. Haire Manitoba
2001 Anne M. Gentle Miami University Student
2001 Amy B. Hollister Mid-South
2001 Andrew Hawley Mohawk
2001 Vera Cassaro Mohawk
2001 Bege K. Bowers Northeast Ohio
2001 Mimi Meredith Northern Gulf Coast
2001 Janice L. Knudsen Northern Illinois University Student
2001 Mary Oliver Flebotte Northern New England
2001 Candie D. McKee Oklahoma
2001 Sharon K. Harms Oklahoma
2001 Robert M. Courtney Orange County
2001 Corinne Kantor Orange County
2001 Kathey Hope Schuster Orange County
2001 Jack Molisani Orange County
2001 Joan M. Smith Palm Beaches
2001 Roberta J. McDermott Phoenix
2001 Valerie Jean Toliver Phoenix
2001 James L. Morgan Phoenix
2001 Robert A. Reynolds Puget Sound
2001 Jeff Hickey Puget Sound
2001 Mary C. Boyd Rochester
2001 Larry J. Prado Rocky Mountain
2001 William Blank Sacramento
2001 James M. Desmond San Diego
2001 Dennis E. Wilson San Fernando Valley
2001 Kevin A. Kraynak San Francisco
2001 Reynolds G. Johnson Jr. San Francisco
2001 Carol Peterson Snake River
2001 Bill Ice South Carolina
2001 Virginia L. Collins-Llope Southeastern Michigan
2001 Flo Wolfe Sharp Southwestern Ohio
2001 Sylvia A. Miller Southwestern Ohio
2001 Bonnie L. Gleason Southwestern Ohio
2001 Brian W. Gamble Southwestern Ontario
2001 Ted J. Edwins Southwestern Ontario
2001 Sharon C. Irvin SpaceTech
2001 Betsy Frick St. Louis
2001 Sandra Payton Matteucci St. Louis
2001 Carla Salvador Toronto
2001 Tadej Maligoj TransAlpine
2001 Lynda R. Shindley Twin Cities
2001 Scott M. McDaniel Washington DC
2001 Lissa W. Roberts Washington DC
2001 Susan J. Grodsky Washington DC
2001 Lynn E. Gandy Washington, DC
2001 Mark J. Ace Willamette Valley
2001 Jeffrey B. Harris Willamette Valley
2001 Jon R.C. Harvey Willamette Valley
2001 Christine T. Champeaux Willamette Valley
2000 Jeffrey J. Haas Atlanta
2000 Kenneth T. Rainey Atlanta
2000 Kay Robart Austin
2000 Dorothy A. Fowler Birmingham
2000 Helen H. Chen Boston
2000 Neil E. Perlin Boston
2000 Nan J. Fritz Boston
2000 Paul A. Priola Boston
2000 Eileen M. Sullivan Boston
2000 Gary P. Gray Boston
2000 Ellen L. Lidington Boston
2000 Michael A. Uhl Carolina
2000 Kim Flint Carolina
2000 Lisa R. Pappas Carolina
2000 Bill Albing Carolina
2000 Blake A. Spence Carolina Foothills
2000 Wendy G. Beren Central Connecticut
2000 Peggy L. Currid Central Illinois
2000 Lisa M. Cavaliere-Kaytes Central New Jersey
2000 Bill Houston Central Ohio
2000 Frances M. Hale Central Ohio
2000 Susan G. Feinberg Chicago
2000 Mary Ryba Knepper Chicago
2000 Joseph P. Gannon Chicago
2000 Christine Abbott Chicago
2000 Lynne R. Williamson Chicago
2000 Suzanne D. Williams Chicago
2000 Lenore P. Weiss East Bay
2000 M. Gwaltney Mountford East Bay
2000 Linda M. O’Hara East Tennessee
2000 Pamela A. Carpenter Hoosier
2000 Barbara E. Cohen Hoosier
2000 Nicole Y. Smart-Wycislo Houston
2000 John C. Reynolds Houston
2000 James R. Kalmbach Illinois Heartland
2000 Claris R. Clapp Intermountain
2000 Suzanne A. Lee Intermountain
2000 Steve L. Smith Lone Star
2000 Jerry H. Hill Lone Star
2000 Margaret D. Mall Lone Star
2000 Donald E. Gay Lone Star
2000 Esther A. Spachner Los Angeles
2000 Christine M. Stevens Los Angeles
2000 Caroline A. Ben-Ari Manitoba
2000 Elizabeth M. Jackson Metro Baltimore
2000 Rashida A. Ahsan Metrolina
2000 Jessamyn Burns Wendell Miami University Student
2000 Mary Sue MacNealy Mid-South
2000 Carl Filbrich Mohawk
2000 Barbara J. Philbrick Northeast Ohio
2000 Kathleen S. Mayer Northern Gulf Coast
2000 Cynthia C. Currie Northern New England
2000 Mary J. Oliver Northern New England
2000 George L. Gardner Northern New England
2000 Noble H. Dorsee Omaha/Lincoln
2000 Julie H. Atkins Orange County
2000 Jill A. Eisenbach Orange County
2000 Anne M. Stratford Orange County
2000 Elaine J. Regan Orange County
2000 Sharon K. Wissert Orlando
2000 Janis G. Ramey Pittsburgh
2000 Kristine Haugseth Puget Sound
2000 Pamela V. Johnson Puget Sound
2000 Kate K. Harper Puget Sound
2000 Prem Kumar Puget Sound
2000 James L. Mead Rocky Mountain
2000 Laurie Lamar Rocky Mountain
2000 Laurence Hoess Rocky Mountain
2000 Kristine L. Oden San Diego
2000 LeeAnne G. Kryder Santa Barbara
2000 Theresa R. Hollenbeck Snake River
2000 Susan G. Musico Southeastern Michigan
2000 Karen M. Gilbert Southeastern Michigan
2000 Adrienne L. Charak Southwestern Ohio
2000 Karen G. O’Keefe Southwestern Ohio
2000 Donna L. Kaufman Southwestern Ohio
2000 Catherine Lynne McNair Southwestern Ontario
2000 James B. Pinkerton SpaceTech
2000 Sharee D. Paulus St. Louis
2000 Mark C. Anderson St. Louis
2000 Robert J. Bennett Suncoast
2000 Jane E. Aronovitch Toronto
2000 Mona M.A. Albano Toronto
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1996 Laurie Jo Moulton East Tennessee
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1996 Gary L. Higgins Houston
1996 Gail W. Issen Houston
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1996 Charles B. Banks Lone Star
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1996 L. Anthony Caruso Metro Baltimore
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1996 Lynn H. Deming N.M. Inst. M&T (ST)
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1994 Cynthia Paella Martin Metro Baltimore
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1994 David L. Armbruster Mid-South
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1994 Ellen W. Lehrer Northern New England
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1994 Jeanie Cameron Orange County
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1994 Freya Y. Winsberg Phoenix
1994 Barbara J. Beard Phoenix
1994 Gail P. Goodling Piedmont
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1994 Joanna T. Freeman Pittsburg State University
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1994 Peg A. Cheirrett Puget Sound
1994 Donna M. Sakson Puget Sound
1994 Alfred C.C. Lee Republic of China
1994 Loretta F. Albert Rochester
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1994 Kathleen J. Hansen Rocky Mountain
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1994 Marianne L. Henry Santa Barbara
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1994 Andrea Ames Silicon Valley
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2005 Jackie Damrau Management
2005 Deidre Murr Management
2005 Ralph E. Robinson Policies and Procedures
2005 Geoff Hart Scientific Communication
2005 Allen Rotz Usability and User Experience
2005 Chauncey Wilson Usability and User Experience
2004 Daniel W. Voss AccessAbility
2004 Susan Witter Consulting and Independent Contracting
2004 Karen A. Steele Consulting and Independent Contracting
2004 Cheryl Landes Indexing
2004 Ann Howell Marketing Communication
2004 Gordon Graham Marketing Communication
2004 Audrey Cielinski-Kessler Policies and Procedures
2004 Alice J. Preston Usability
2003 Peg Mauer Indexing
2003 Elizabeth Bailey Management
2003 Laura J. Mulcahy-Mayhew Marketing Communication
2003 Jeff Staples Quality
2003 Judith N. Skinner Special Needs
2003 Julia W. Byrd Technical Editing
2003 Whitney Quesenbery Usability
2002 Christopher Juillet Consulting and Independent Contracting
2002 Jan C. Wright Indexing
2002 Beth Mazur Information Design
2002 Ann L. Wiley International Technical Communication
2002 Brenda P. Huettner Management
2002 Deborah J. Ausman Marketing Communication
2002 Karen L. Mobley Online Information
2002 Donald S. Lenk Quality
2002 David J. Dick Usability
2002 Janice C. Redish Usability
2023 None Awarded
2022 John Clement Florida
2022 Anita Matechuk Instructional Design & Learning SIG COP
2022 Tika Thapa Toronto
2021 Tavia Record Washington DC-Baltimore
2020 No award presented
2019 No award presented
2018 Emily Wells Florida
2017 Crystal Brezina Florida
2016 No award presented
2015 Lisa Bottomley Orlando Central Florida
2014 Dylan Alexander Platz East Tennessee
2014 Alesa Webber Mercer University
2014 Candace Du Lac Orlando Central Florida
2012 Bethany Bowles Orlando-Central Florida
2011 Sarah Baca Orlando-Central Florida
2011 Patricia Cruz Orlando-Central Florida
2011 Noor Hussain Toronto
2009 Adam Evans Cederville University
2009 Daniel Beck Orlando
2008 Adam Evans Cederville University
2008 John Martin North Carolina State University
2008 Peggy Bivins Orlando
2008 Daniel Beck Orlando
2007 Brynn Paine Cedarville University
2007 Ginnifer Mastarone Chicago
2007 Kyle Steele Mercer University
2007 Stacey Fosburgh-Shores Missouri Western State University
2007 Rachel C. Eichen Orlando
2007 Nicole M. Madison Texas Tech University
2007 Jennifer Bracken Trinitite
2006 Andrea Zachary Oklahoma State University Student
2006 Alex Garcia Orlando
2006 Linda Rothman Texas Tech University Student
2006 Laurel Verhagen UW-Stout Student
2006 Katie Thiel UW-Stout Student
2005 Jeff A. Stevenson Cedarville University Student
2005 Candie D. McKee Oklahoma State University Student
2005 Jennifer D. Selix Orlando
2005 Sarah-Beth K. Doner Southwestern Ontario