Jay R. Gould Award for Excellence in Teaching

The Jay R. Gould Award for Excellence in Teaching Technical Communication honors the distinguished teaching career of professor Gould.

Professor Gould's academic mentorship of technical communication students guided many men and women into the profession. The Jay R. Gould Award for excellence in teaching technical communication honors his distinguished teaching career, which is an outstanding example of the long-term commitment, innovation, and excellence in teaching.

This award honors true academic mentorship; a record of successful students, defined as those who are involved in STC, and actively working in the profession; involvement in student activities outside of the classroom; innovation and creativity in teaching, and involvement in research that leads to changes in the way technical communication is taught.

Honorees Notified: After vote by STC Board of Directors, February

Award Presented: At the Honors Event at the STC Technical Communication Summit 

Nomination Process

Consult the guidelines for the complete nomination process.


Who is eligible: A nominee must be a regular member of STC at the time of application, have been involved in post-secondary education for at least fifteen years, and have made a primary career in teaching the philosophy and theory of technical communication as a distinct discipline.

Who may nominate: Department chairs, Deans, colleagues, students, and other STC members acquainted with the nominee.

Due date for nominations: 15 November 2021

Due date for applications by nominated candidates: 17 December 2021


Recommendations should be sent via email to:


2022 Honorees

Kim Sydow Campbell, University of North Texas

Citation: For a distinguished career as a partner with industry and as a role model and mentor to students who have gone on to distinguish themselves as leaders in careers of their own.

Huatong Sun, University of Washington Takoma

Citation: For creating highly innovative and inclusive teaching/learning programs in which she has inspired students from cultures and languages across the globe.


Kim Sydow Campbell
School: University of North Texas

Huatong Sun
School: University of Washington Takoma


Ann Hill Duin
School: University of Minnesota

Stuart Selber
School: Penn State University


Bruce Maylath
School: North Dakota State University

Miles A. Kimball
School: Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute


Lisa Meloncon
School: University of South Florida


Craig Baehr
School: Texas Tech University


Madelyn Flammia
School: University of Central Florida

Richard Johnson-Sheehan
School: Purdue University

Gregory A. Wickliff
School: University of North Carolina at Charlotte


Steven M. Gerson
School: Johnson County Community College

Herb J. Smith
Kennesaw State University


Sally Henschel
School: Midwestern State University

Russel Hirst
School: University of Tennessee


Pam Estes Brewer
School: Mercer University

Saul Carliner
School: Concordia University


Dave Clark
School: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


Kirk St.Amant
School: East Carolina University


Paul Anderson
School: Miami University


George Hayhoe
School: Mercer University


Tharon Howard
School: Clemson University


Charles Kostelnick
School: Iowa State University


Mark Randol Zachry
School: University of Washington


Nancy Coppola, PhD
School: New Jersey Institute of Technology


Ann S. Jennings PhD
School: University of Houston – Downtown


Alison J. Reynolds
School: Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology

Gerald Savage
School: Illinois State University


David K. Farkas
School: University of Washington

M. Jimmie Killingsworth
School: Texas A&M University

Don Zimmerman
School: Colorado State University


Deborah S. Bosley
School: University of North Carolina

Rebecca Burnett
School: Iowa State University

Susan G. Feinberg
School: Illinois Institute of Technology

Helen M. Grady
School: Mercer University

Elizabeth (Betsy) Overman Smith
School: Tennessee State University


Thomas Barker
School: Texas Tech University

Sam Dragga
School: Texas Tech University


Gerald J. Alred
School: University of Wisconsin

Bonnie L. Fink
School: Bowling Green State University

Russell L. Kahn
School: SUNY Institute of Technology

Michael L. Keene
School: University of Tennessee

Jan H. Spyridakis
School: University of Washington


R. John Brockman
School: University of Delaware

Carolyn S. Plumb
School: University of Washington

Daniel Riordan
School: University of Wisconsin


Marjorie T. Davis
School: Mercer University

Mary Sue MacNealy
School: University of Memphis

Alice I. Philbin
School: James Madison University


Christine Abbott

Roger A. Grice
School: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Robert Krull
School: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Carol Barnum
School: Southern Polytechnic State University

Donald H. Cunningham
School: Auburn University

Judith A. Ramey
School: University of Washington


Deborah C. Andrews
School: University of Delaware

Bege K. Bowers
School: Youngstown State University

Donna L. Dowdney
School: De Anza College

Kenneth T. Rainey
School: Southern Polytechnic State University

Kristene S. Sutliff
School: Southwest Missouri State University


William O. Coggin
School: Bowling Green State University

Dan R. Jones
School: University of Central Florida

Carolyn D. Rude
School: Texas Tech University


Sandra W. Harner
School: Cedarville College

Katherine E. Staples
School: Austin Community College

Thomas L. Warren
School: Oklahoma State University


Dr. David L. Carson
School: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Dr. Nell Ann Pickett
School: Hinds Community College


Dr. Merrill D. Whitburn
School: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Sherry Southard
School: East Carolina University