President's Award

The President’s Award honors those who have made distinguished contributions to the profession of technical communication or the Society. The President’s Award is awarded solely at the discretion of the president.

The STC President announces the names of the recipients during the opening session of the Society’s annual conference, the STC Summit.


JoAnn Hackos


Char James-Tanny


JoAnn Hackos: 2022


Char James-Tanny: 2022


Timothy Esposito: 2021

Citation: For your exemplary efforts and dedication in support of multiple society roles, including leading the Website Task Force, volunteering as TCBOK technical advisor, and serving as Secretary of the Board of Directors. Your work demonstrates both agency and initiative which sets an example for others to follow.

Alyssa Fox: 2020

Citation: For outstanding leadership in STC, consistently demonstrating a singular drive to excellence, and selflessness in service.

Aiessa Moyna: 2019

Citation: For your distinguished service to STC as Society Treasurer, Nominating Committee Chair, and Associate Fellows Chair, your work on the STC Conference Committee, and your many other contributions across the Society. Your insightful approach to these responsibilities and your devotion to STC and to the discipline of technical communication exemplify the very best of volunteer leadership.

Andrea L. Ames: 2018

Citation: For your long-term commitment to STC as advisor and advocate in your service as STC President and Intercom Editor, involvement on the Intercom Editorial Advisory Panel and the Business Value of Tech Comm task force, and your work in many other roles. Your visionary thinking and public speaking about the content experience exemplify your leadership in the ongoing evolution of the technical communication discipline.

Ben Woelk: 2017

Citation: For outstanding contributions to STC in various roles, including Rochester Chapter Co-Vice President, Scholarship Committee Chair, former Director on the STC Board, Spectrum Conference Co-Chair, STC Notebook blog contributor, Intercom guest editor, CPTC and introverted leadership study groups coordinator. Your dedication to the technical communication profession and your approach to excellence represents STC at its finest.

Craig Baehr: 2016

Citation: For the generous commitment of your time and subject-matter expertise in the development of the Certified Professional Technical Communicator program, your ongoing role as Chief Examiner, and your service as Chair of the TC Body of Knowledge.

Alan Houser: 2016

Citation: For your ongoing and far-reaching work with STC locally, nationally, and internationally as Summit Conference Chair, President of the Board of Directors, Chair of the Nominating Committee, and for your countless interactions with members and community leaders providing wisdom, insight, and service.

Phylise Banner: 2015
Citation: For your dedication to our profession and to STC; for your creativity, visionary thinking, teaching, and speaking abilities; and for all the work that you have done over the years helping STC build its online educational programs, Virtual Summit, and conferences.

Pam Estes Brewer: 2014
Citation: For your exceptional work with the Academic SIG, and the Sigma Tau Chi and Alpha Sigma Honor Societies, and your commitment to your students, the profession, and the Society.

Sally Henschel: 2014
Citation: For your dedication to your students, the profession, and STC, as well as your outstanding work with the Student Outreach Task Force, the Student Poster Competition, and the Academic SIG.

Kennth J. Cook: 2013
Citation: For your continued financial and professional support of the Society’s mission, for your long history of encouraging technical communicators, and for your business success that is a testament to the power and value of technical communication.

Dan Voss: 2013
Citation: For your tireless promotion of the Society’s Student Mentoring Program and your outreach to the next generation of Society members.

Steven Jong: 2012
Citation: For your vision and extraordinary dedication in bringing to fruition a technical communication certification program. For your untiring leadership in planning, developing, and administering one of the most important initiatives STC has taken to advance the profession. For fearlessly advancing a 60-year goal of the Society: worldwide recognition of the value that technical communicators bring to business, society, and individuals.

Judith Herr: 2011
Citation: For your longtime championship of all STC communities and the value they bring to STC. For your vision in bringing the Community Affairs Committee to life and your tireless work on fostering productive two-way communication between STC members and the STC Board.

Larry Kunz: 2010
Citation: For your unfailing leadership, dedication, wisdom, and insight while guiding the STC Board of Directors in the development, refinement, and execution of the 2007-2010 Strategic Plan.

Richard O’Sullivan: 2010
Citation: For your tireless effort working with the United States Department of Labor, which resulted in the recognition of technical writers as a profession distinct from all other writing professions. Your tremendous contribution provides an unbiased and respected voice confirming STC’s longtime position before employers and human resource departments.

Jackie Damrau: 2009
Citation: For your constant inspiration, dedication and commitment, and for ensuring that the Leadership Community Resource grew from great idea to model provider of expanded services, support, and educational opportunities for community leaders.

David Pogue: 2009
Citation: For demonstrating through multiple media the simplicity and ease with which technology can be communicated to all audiences.

Hillary Hart: 2008
Citation: For your wisdom, strength of character, and commitment to ensuring that STC members from various backgrounds work as partners and for providing steady leadership as we develop a body of knowledge for the profession.

George Hayhoe: 2008
Citation: For excellence and wisdom in all that you have accomplished as STC’s journal editor and for your leadership, dedication, and insight which advanced Technical Communication to a premier publication worthy of worldwide respect.

An Inconvenient Truth: 2007
Citation: For demonstrating that effective and understandable technical communication, when coupled with passion and vision, has the power to educate—and change—the world.

Albert A. Gore Jr.: 2007
Citation: For demonstrating through the documentary An Inconvenient Truth that effective and understandable technical communication has the power to educate—and change—the world.

Rob Moran: 2007
Citation: For your wisdom, leadership, patience, and kindness in enabling and encouraging STC and its leaders to move in new directions.

Dana E. Chisnell: 2006
Citation: For insight, tireless leadership in supporting and nurturing our virtual communities and for exceeding all expectations to ensure that those communities have a strong future as an essential, ongoing component of STC.

Judith L. Glick-Smith: 2006
Citation: For continued excellence in leadership and your unique ability and passion to inspire others while designing an innovative leadership program that will provide expanded services, support, and educational opportunities to community leaders for years to come.

Deirdre A. Murr: 2006
Citation: For your outstanding commitment, dedication, and success in managing the Search committee and accepting the responsibility of finding a new kind of Executive Director who will lead STC into the future.

Edward J. See: 2005
Citation: For your leadership of the STC Board of Directors in turning the transformation from ought to action, for your vision and unwavering leadership as Assistant to the President for the Transformation, and for your valuable friendship, support, coaching, and mentoring.

The 9/11 Commission: 2005
Citation: For The 9/11 Commission Report: Final Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States, a work of exemplary technical communication. The Report is clear and well-written, penned as an immediate and dramatic story in an accessible narrative style. It is approachable and readable, a rarity in government reports.

Whitney Quesenbery: 2004
Citation: For your unstinting contributions of expertise, time, energy, and commitment from the earliest days of the STC Transformation effort.

Janice C. Redish: 2004
Citation: For your unstinting contributions of expertise, time, energy, and commitment from the earliest days of the STC Transformation effort.

Fred Sampson: 2004
Citation: For your unstinting contributions of expertise, time, energy, and commitment from the earliest days of the STC Transformation effort.

Roger A. Grice: 2003
Citation: For his outstanding mentorship of new members of the Society; for his guidance of Society leaders; and for his personal skill and leadership that have helped transform the Society into the open, forward-looking community that it is today.

John C. Nardone: 2003
Citation: For helping STC’s president and board of directors articulate a vision and set of values that help us serve the technical communication profession.

Bill Stolgitis: 2003
Citation: A special President’s Award for his years of dedication, service, and support to all the presidents of the Society. Many thanks.

John James Conklin: 2002
Citation: For your unwavering loyalty and willingness to serve, and particularly for your leadership in the area of STC’s efforts to improve our governance.

Mary R. Wise: 2002
Citation: For your long-time dedication and unconditional service to STC, and especially for your involvement with the implementation of our new brand.

Elizabeth Babcock: 2001
Citation: For your incredible service to STC at all levels and in many different roles, and for exemplifying the standard for each role in which you served.

Jeffrey L. Hibbard: 2001
Citation: For your years of dedicated service to STC, especially in your roles on the board and as our INTECOM ambassador.

Margaret E. Cathcart: 2000
Citation: For your distinguished service to the Society, especially your instrumental work in professionalizing the Society’s annual conferences.

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission: 2000
Citation: For helping investors make informed decisions by establishing standards that require clear, concise, and plain English in disclosure documents.

Austin T. Brown: 1999
Citation: For years of dedicated service to the Society, for his passion as a leader at the Society and chapter levels, and for his wisdom as a teacher and mentor.

Saul A. Carliner: 1998
Citation: For providing innovation, challenge, and commitment that keeps STC a vital organization.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory Mars Exploration Program: 1998
Citation: For bringing the science and excitement of the Mars Exploration Program to the people of Earth in a way that children of all ages can understand and appreciate.

David L. Armbruster: 1997
Citation: In appreciation for your generous contributions to the technical communication profession as well as to chapter and Society leadership through wit, warmth, and wisdom.

NOVA: 1997
Citation: For its vision in establishing a program that so creatively, clearly, and successfully communicates technical subject matter to the public.