2020 Honoree for Outstanding Magazine Article

Ondrej Sirocka for his article, “Writing Conversational Content: The Dos and Don’ts” in the July/August 2019 issue of Intercom.

Citation: For breaking down the complexities of conversational interfaces, providing relatable examples, and engendering confidence in readers to build their own chatbots.

2020 Honorees for Outstanding Guest-Edited Issue

Cruce Saunders and the Simple A Team for the November 2019 issue of Intercom with a theme of “Content Egineering.”

Citation: For demonstrating how content engineering principles and methodologies help break down persistent barriers to customer success and create engaging and personalized user experiences.

Nomination process

Please consult the guidelines for the complete nomination process.

Who is eligible: Intercom authors and guest editors

Who may nominate: Intercom Award committee

Due date for nominations: February 2021

Honorees notified: After vote by STC Board of Directors, usually March

Award Presented: At the Honors Event at the STC Technical Communication Summit

The Intercom Awards Guidelines

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