A Note from the Editor

Notice anything different about this month's issue of Intercom? STC has taken the next step in the magazine's transformation—a cover-to-cover redesign.

While professional designers will no doubt note the myriad changes and improvements in the overall design and templates of the feature articles and regular columns, even the most casual readers will discern the updated look and increased readability. STC is undergoing organization-wide transition and transformation, and it is only fitting that Intercom also adapts to the times.

Technical communicators understand that changes in publication design and delivery are best made in manageable but measurable steps instead of “overnight changes.” Intercom's evolution this year is no different, involving not just a redesign and new delivery methods, but also a change in staffing and design houses and, therefore, a change in workflow. It's been a process of taking a step or two forward, waiting for the sand to settle, and then taking another step or two forward. I am aware that there are members who eagerly await this makeover and want everything to happen in one fell swoop, but practical considerations, such as staffing and scheduling, dictate that gradual-but-measurable changes lay the foundation for better long-term improvements.

A number of readers have been generous with their feedback during the first quarter of this year, explaining what works for them and why, and supporting us in our efforts to complete Intercom's transformation. This feedback has been extremely helpful, and I hope readers will continue to share their comments about each new modification. In exchange, we'll continue to work hard to provide members with a publication that is engaging and useful, and I appreciate the patience shown to STC staff as we continue to adapt to online publication as our primary delivery method.

Intercom, whether it is read online or in print, is still about content—diverse, relevant, engaging, informative, instructive, and thought provoking—contributed by members and industry professionals. The magazine needs members in order to thrive, and at a time in which STC and the profession as a whole are undergoing great change and challenge, your knowledge and expertise are more vital than ever. Additionally, with four generations working in the field, Intercom is a vehicle through which members can mentor, share, and collaborate with one another. We hope that you'll continue reaching out to us with your article ideas and feedback, and I am thankful to have such a dedicated and talented group of people with which to work—the STC board, the Intercom editorial advisory panel, the office directors and staff, and many talented authors and colleagues.

Liz Pohland

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