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Associate Fellows: Complete Your Fellow Applications by 1 October 2016

Each year, the STC Fellows Nominating Committee invites STC Associate Fellows who have held that rank for three years or more to submit an application to the committee for possible elevation to the rank of STC Fellow. This honor recognizes members’ significant achievements in and contributions to the field of technical communication and sustained and significant service to STC. It is the highest honor that STC can bestow upon a member.

If you are an STC Associate Fellow who was inducted to that rank at or prior to the 2012 STC Technical Communication Summit, we invite you to submit an application to the committee. The committee thoroughly reviews each nominee’s application, researches and verifies the nominee’s qualifications, and contacts the nominee’s references. When all evaluations are completed, the committee recommends qualified nominees to the STC Board of Directors for consideration. Those nominees receiving a two-thirds favorable vote from the board will receive the honor as long as their membership is in good standing and they meet the requirements as stated in the guidelines. (If the committee determines that a nominee is not qualified for elevation to the rank of STC Fellow, it will provide a brief explanation of why the nominee does not meet the qualifications.)

To be considered for elevation to the rank of STC Fellow, you must have accomplished all of the following: (1) performed important work and attained distinction in the field of technical communication; (2) done notable original work that has contributed to the advancement of the field; and (3) made significant contributions to the STC and helped to tell STC’s powerful story. Length of career, quality of accomplishments, service to the Society, and continuity of achievement are all factors in the selection process.

You can find the application and related information on the STC website at Send your completed application to the Society office at, with a copy to Larry Kunz at to arrive no later than 1 October 2016. The committee will forward their recommendations to the STC Board, who will consider nominees in January 2017. The Society will recognize new Fellows at the honors reception in May at the 2017 STC Technical Communication Summit in Washingon DC’s National Harbor.

For more information, review the Fellows Committee page available at or contact committee chair.

Please note that there is an administrative fee of $25 that must accompany your application.

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