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Introducing the STC Health and Medicine Special Interest Group (SIG)

By Kirk St.Amant and Heidi Lawrence

STC’s newest Special Interest Group (SIG) — Health and Medicine—invites members interested in healthcare and medicine to join the SIG.

The Health and Medicine SIG provides SIG members with information on trends, practices, and resources for applying technical communication skills in health and medical settings. Specifically, we provide technical communicators with:

  • Resources for learning more about working in health or medical contexts
  • Updates on trends affecting communication practices in health and medical contexts
  • Information on events focusing on communication practices in health and medical contexts
  • Summaries of policies governing health and medical communication practices

Our mission is to help members who have different levels of familiarity with health and medical topics learn how to apply their skills in different health and medical contexts.

SIG Activities

We invite STC members to contribute to a number of initiatives the SIG will undertake this year. These include contributing to

  • A website that will provide updates on SIG activities and links to SIG-related resources
  • Social media accounts—including a Facebook page (STC Health and Medicine) and Twitter account (@STCHealthMed)—to provide updates on health and medical topics connected to technical communication practices
  • A blog to provide information on working in (or to begin working in) health and medical contexts
  • Webinars on concepts, developments, and practices associated with working in health and medical contexts
  • Content on health and medical communication practices for the STC Body of Knowledge to expand entries in this area
  • A bibliography of resources for learning more about communication practices in health and medical contexts

Members are also welcome to suggest or volunteer for other activities or resources the SIG can focus on in its first year.

Interested in learning more? Contact the SIG co-managers, Kirk St.Amant at or Heidi Lawrence at

Please consider joining us and participating in our ongoing conversations!

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