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Introducing STC Roundtable

Participate in STC Roundtable for free this month! April’s theme is “content strategy and experience” curated by Rahel Anne Bailie. If you’ve never participated in STC Roundtable, you simply need to sign up for free by visiting and clicking “Sign up for Roundtable.”

In April’s first free webinar, Rahel Bailie looks at the progression of content strategy, particularly how it applies in the technical communication world, and why it’s important to develop a content strategy to inform your technical communication processes. Not only does a content strategy help with an operational model for content, it also helps bridge silos between tech comm and other groups, such as development and marketing. You can view the recording, as well as subsequent April content, at

In case you missed it

Week 4 of the March STC Roundtable included a video in which practitioners across industries and geographic areas discuss the skills they think technical communicators need to stay relevant in the tech comm world going forward. Watch the video at and see what they have to say.

Looking ahead

The gap analysis is a standard tool for analyzing performance issues, but doing a gap analysis as part of a content strategy requires more than the average set of questions. In the next April webinar, learn about Rahel Bailie’s five-pillars approach, with a handy toolkit that you can put to use in your own workplace.

The trial months are open to everyone. Check out the great new content, interact with our experts, and contribute to the conversation.

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