Editorial Sept/Oct 2021

A Note from the Editor

Have you ever skimmed a page in search of information, only to discover that it was hiding in plain view? Does your eye catch on a word or phrase that causes you to reread the whole paragraph again? I do. Frequently. Even when I’m not trying. But I can’t always articulate what the problem is. During the planning process for this issue, I learned that content design is likely the “something” that catches my eye.

Content design is all about presenting information in the best possible way to meet our audience’s needs. When done well, content design allows our information to be clear, findable, accessible, and helpful. Done poorly, it increases our mental workload and decreases comprehension.

In this issue, guest edited by Tina Kister and Scott Abel, you’ll learn about how our choices in content presentation can influence our understanding of the words. For me, it’s a fascinating insight into how brains work, and how we can make our content more accessible and easier to understand.

I look forward to hearing your feedback on this topic. Feel free to reach out to me at intercom-editor@stc.org.


Alisa Bonsignore

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