Editorial November/December 2021

A Note from the Editor

Demonstrating the business value of content is one of the biggest challenges in communications. While we’ve always been focused on our customers’ needs, we still struggle with addressing the needs of internal stakeholders. How do we speak the financial language of upper management to convey the tangible financial value of content? How do we build strong foundations for content as a competitive differentiator? And how can we support the individual and organizational change needed to be truly valuable to our organizations?

These are the questions addressed in this issue of Intercom, guest edited by Andrea Ames. Many of you know Andrea from her time as Executive Editor of Intercom, and I’m thrilled to see her return for this issue. She’s curated a group of authors who examine the challenges that we face in delivering value for our organizations, both in-house and as external contributors.

I encourage you to reach out to the authors to discuss these ideas; their email addresses are provided in the bios at the end of each article.

Alisa Bonsignore

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