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Managing the Middle Years of Your Career

Presenter: Saul Carliner
Wednesday, 1 December 2021, 1:00–2:00 PM EST

With the 2018 “census” of technical communicators showing that majority are at mid- or late career, a key challenge people face is strategizing how to remain employable. Some of the issues people need to think about:

  • Stay in my current job or leave it?
  • Stay with my current employer in the same role or a different one?
  • If I have to go on the job market, how employable am I?
  • Will the skills I have serve me the rest of my career? If I need to adjust them, what should I do? And can I afford to do it?
  • How does all of this translate into a coherent career — not just up until now, but for the time I plan to continue working?

This session explores these issues.

Specifically, in this session, participants learn to:

  • Describe the shift from career ladders to career frameworks for conceptualizing long-term employability
  • Explain how both formal learning and developmental work within the context of jobs each play critical roles in employability
  • Describe a five-part model for ongoing learning and development, which includes learning, development, networking, side hustles, and personal investments of finances and time

This webinar is based on one presented at the PowerSkills Career Summit, produced by McGill University this summer. The organizer commented:

“Thank you so much for your participation at PowerSkills Career Summit. I have to say; your session was my favorite session so far. You are such a wonderful speaker who brings knowledge and understanding to your audience. The rest of the team is so looking forward to watching the replay of your presentation.”

Rethinking Scientific Research Communication

Presenter: Jennifer Goode
Wednesday, 12 January 2022, 1:00–2:00 PM EST

Have you ever walked away from a research poster, scientific article, or academic seminar more confused by a topic than when you started or arrived? Technical communicators are perfectly poised to help with scientific, academic, or research content distribution and accessibility by providing clear, understandable text and images to accurately convey complex information. But they can support sharing of research information even further by employing three strategies for knowledge dissemination.

This presentation considers Mike Morrison’s Poster 2.0 strategy, scientific project websites, and audio podcasts as unique communication forms that could help with knowledge sharing within academic, scientific, and research communities. g

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