Editorial November/December 2022

A Note from the Editor

In this, my final issue as Executive Editor, we’re talking about how technical communicators can ensure that their products and information are able to reach and include all audiences. This includes techniques for developing accessibility policies and putting those policies to use with accessible descriptions. Of course, we can’t know what our audiences want (cute dogs) without comprehensive UX research, while an understanding of user psychology can help us apply that research to develop an effective UI. And finally, we explore how our style guides and even our workplaces can contribute to an atmosphere of inclusion or exclusion.

I’m also pleased to announce that Intercom has won two editorial awards in 2022. The publication was named as a Gold Winner – Magazines from NYX Awards, and a Gold Winner – Association Magazines from MarCom Awards. For me, this is excellent recognition of the quality of our authors, as well as the scope of our topics. I thank each and every one of our contributors for making the magazine what it is today

I leave the publication in the capable hands of Dr. Craig Baehr, and I look forward to seeing the continued evolution of the publication in 2023 and beyond. While Intercom will look a little different in its online-only format going forward, the lack of printed page constraints will present new opportunities for longer-format articles, more columns, and added Society information. It gives lots of new opportunities for elevating new voices — your voices. (Yes, I’m talking to you.) Keep those suggestions and submissions coming!

I wish you a healthy and happy 2023 and beyond.

Alisa Bonsignore (she/her)

Note: In the stock art images used in the July/August issue, the Arabic characters incorrectly read from left to right (CIBARA, OLLEH, and IH instead of Arabic, Hello, and Hi). Thanks to Interpro Translation Services for the clarification.

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