Department May/June 2023

Spotlight on the Technical Editing Special Interest Group (TESIG)

The Technical Editing Special Interest Group (TESIG) is one of the largest SIGs in the STC, with a long history of educational programs and social activities for people interested in the field of technical editing.

According to Yoel Strimling, TESIG Manager, “our goals are to give our members high-quality information about editing processes and best practices, enable professional development and networking opportunities, and provide resources that they can use to prove the value of editing.”

So how do we meet these goals?

EdEx Mini-Conference

In 2022, we launched the Editors’ Exchange (EdEx), an annual half-day virtual mini-conference, to provide technical editing practitioners the opportunity to hear other professionals in the field discuss an aspect of each of the TESIG’s goals.

  • The first session focuses on current issues in technical editing.
  • The second session presents information that demonstrates the importance/value of technical editing and editors to employers and companies.
  • The third session is a forum for new voices in technical editing and offers guidance to technical editing students.

Feedback for EdEx22 was very positive – one attendee said, “Overall, this was one of the most engaging virtual events I’ve attended. I appreciate everyone’s expertise, but even more their warmth and authenticity.”

To purchase a recording of EdEx22, go to

EdEx23 will be on Tuesday, November 14, 2023. Session descriptions and information about presenters will be available at The conference is open to everyone, with different registration prices for TESIG members, STC members who are not (yet) TESIG members, and non-members.

Beginning in 2023, EdEx attendees will earn two continuing education units toward maintaining Certified Professional Technical Communicator (CPTC) certification.

Student Outreach

One of the main goals of the TESIG is to help technical editing students get more involved in the field. We want to hear some new, fresh voices, especially from those who are studying the subject or just starting out professionally. It is important for us to discuss the needs, dreams, and issues of the next generation of technical editing practitioners. In 2023, we launched two student-centric programs: a monthly virtual chat series and a mentorship program.

Virtual Chat Series

The TESIG hosts monthly virtual chat sessions for current STC and TESIG student members to discuss editing challenges and share helpful resources, editing tactics and tips, and career advice about finding internships or jobs. The chat sessions are moderated by student and new graduate volunteers, so the conversations are fully student-driven.

Mentorship Program

The mentorship program is only available to TESIG student members at this time. Students who express interest will be paired with TESIG mentors who have more than 10 years of experience in technical editing. Potential mentees can select areas of interest, such as advice on continuing education and certification, portfolio reviews, and recommendations for resumes or LinkedIn profiles.

If you are interested in learning more about these programs or volunteering, please email


The TESIG presents quarterly webinars that are open to both members and non-members. They are free for members and available at a small charge for non-members. The webinars are recorded, and the recordings, slides, and handouts are available for six months to a year afterwards.

To learn about upcoming webinars or purchase a recording, go to


Corrigo is the official publication of the TESIG and provides useful information on advocating for readers.

You can submit short (1,000 words or less) original content about subjects you think technical editing practitioners might find interesting:

  • Stories about how applying technical editing skills increases reader satisfaction
  • Information about tools you find helpful
  • Hacks that you use to make your job easier
  • Tips about how to balance quality and deadlines
  • Vignettes about a day in your life as a technical editing practitioner
  • Links to sites you find helpful in your job, with explanations about how they help you
  • Reviews of articles, books, or events you have read or attended that relate to technical editing

To see the latest articles, go to

To submit an article for publication, go to


Technical editing is no joke! But even so, we have to see the humorous side of things – there are so many funny examples of what happens when editors are left out altogether (or, gulp, when we fail to catch a mistake)!

The TESIG runs an ongoing contest for funny personal editing stories and good editing jokes. To submit one of yours, go to

How to Join the TESIG

Take advantage of all that the TESIG has to offer. After all, we need your help to do all of this!

If you are a TESIG member, please consider volunteering some of your time and expertise; send an email to

If you are an STC member, but not yet a TESIG member, contact STC membership at +1 (703) 522-4114 with payment information and your community selection to update your membership. Gold membership includes access to all SIGs, but you have to opt into which SIGs you want to join. You can add the TESIG to your STC membership at any time during the year; you do not need to wait for the renewal period.

For more information about the TESIG, go to our website,