Editorial May/June 2024

A Note from the Editor

Baehr Headshot

By Dr. Craig Baehr | Intercom Executive Editor

Our May/June 2024 issue focuses on structured authoring methods and techniques, whether you’re using DITA, developing interactive help documentation, exploring content reuse for training purposes, or teaching best practices for structuring user documentation. These articles explore different perspectives on structured authoring tools and content reuse strategies with some valuable takeaways for technical communicators. Also in this issue, you’ll find interesting articles on the ISO Plain Language Standard, the Oxford comma, and a snapshot of recent online hiring trends in technical communication.

In this issue, I’m excited to present two new columnists and topics, which you’ll see featured throughout the year. The first is Instructional Design for Technical Communicators, curated by Dr. Regina Purnell-Adams, who is Professor of Aerospace Studies at the University of Miami, and holds a doctorate in Technical Communication and Rhetoric. In this month’s column, she discusses four guidelines for effective use of AI as writing tools in the classroom. Our other new featured column is NextGen TechComm, which will feature insights from new technical communication graduates and professionals on their unique journeys, interests, and insights related to the profession. Dr. Kylie Jacobsen, Assistant Professor at Grand Valley State University, will be curating this column and introducing us to a wide range of young professionals and perspectives.

Also new this month is the inaugural President’s Letter from incoming STC President, Dr. Liz Herman. In her letter to the membership, she discusses the essential and inevitable role of change in promoting growth and opportunity in professional organizations, like STC. In the coming year, you can look forward to her insights on the Society and trends in the technical communication profession.

To see what else is coming this year, be sure to visit our editorial calendar found on the STC website at https://www.stc.org/intercom/editorial-calendar/ for more information. Upcoming issues on the calendar include strategic branding, sustainable content, and accessible design. If you would like to submit an article for publication on these or other technical communciation topic, or simiply have an idea or question, feel free to email us at intercom-editor@stc.org.