Editorial July/August 2024

A Note from the Editor

Baehr Headshot

By Dr. Craig Baehr | Intercom Executive Editor

Our July/August 2024 issue explores strategic branding from both personal and professional perspectives. A key question this issue addresses is how are brands developed, sustained, and improved upon, whether a particular brand represents an individual or key product/service? Features from Leah Gurin, Michael Opsteegh, and Kevin Meglic discuss specific techniques used in creating successful brands, which you can implement into your own personal and professional work. Also in this issue, you’ll find featured articles on interviewing Subject Matter Experts and the changing role of technical editing. Our first of two featured columns this month, describes how the Technical Communication Body of Knowledge (TCBOK) can be used as a research tool for generating new ideas in your technical communication work. Through a short series of case study examples, this column provides a simple walkthrough for those unfamiliar with using the TCBOK in this way. And our spotlight feature remembers STC Fellow, Antony Rhodes-Marriott, who helped found the Toronto and Winnipeg chapters.

In case you weren’t able to attend, this issue includes featured content from the recent STC Summit held in Bloomington, Minnesota, from 16-19 May 2024. This month’s President’s Letter from Dr. Liz Herman provides her insights and some useful feedback from attendees, as well as a message of encouragement for us to look forward to next year’s event. You’ll also find a list of this year’s awards and recipients from both recognition ceremonies, so be sure to pass along your congratulations to our honorees. And as a special treat, print copies of our previous issue on Structured Authoring were available to attendees as a takeaway from the Summit event. A special thanks goes out to our conference chairs, committee members, organizers, presenters, staff, and volunteers for helping make this year’s Summit a success.

For upcoming issue topics, be sure to visit our editorial calendar found on the STC website at https://www.stc.org/intercom/editorial-calendar/, which includes important author submission guidelines. While each upcoming issue has a specific topic, Intercom welcomes other articles of professional interest to technical communicators of all expertise levels. To submit an article for publication, or to simiply ask a question, email us at intercom-editor@stc.org.